About Me

Alyssa OstranderThanks for being curious about me.

As long as I can remember in my more than 50 years, I’ve been on a passionate mission to understand how we can each create a life of meaning and become our best possible self.

I’ve always been the sensitive one who felt and understood things that others didn’t see.

I’m keenly aware of energy, yet grounded and rational. I’ve asked questions others have been afraid to ask. It’s my constant joy to discover the answers to mysteries that are always revealed with time.

I’ve received precious gifts and learned from countless challenges on my long path.

I’ve been tested by circumstance and always found another facet of my courage. I discovered early on that life would be harder if I didn’t listen to my intuition and follow my heart.

I’ve always been fascinated how oracle cards reflect the unconscious truth and started doing readings as a child for my very intuitive mother. After over 10 years of study and application of various forms of divination, I read Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization and leaped into doing professional readings in 1987, using numerology and astrology as a treasure map for interpretation.

I remember walking alone with my infant son to walk a hidden labyrinth in an extinct volcano in the Berkeley Hills during the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 and promising in my prayers to commit my life to being a catalyst for recognizing our unlimited potential.

1987 was a great time of awakening. The Course in Miracles was published in 1976, and I finally got my copy in 1988. I’m still working on digesting and sharing its concentrated wisdom. My path hasn’t been the quickest, but I have had the Saturnian gift of earning years of persistent practice.

Books were even more precious then and as soon as the internet formed I taught myself HTML and created the Cosmic Web in 1996. It was a portal for content that I’d requested and received permission to share from transformational authors.

When Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements was published in 1997, I was enchanted by the wisdom of these four essential steps to freedom. I met one of his students, HeatherAsh Amara in 2000 and apprenticed with her through 2010.

Year after year I learned more about how to create freedom from the illusions of fear and how they root in the mind and dissolve with pure love, humble gratitude, and total respect for self, others and all of life.

Raising my two exceptional sons into conscious men was a spiritual practice of unconditional love and acceptance when I was guided to homeschool them for 8 years. After they were on their way, my rational personable traits found opportunity in real estate, banking, and fraud detection, beginning in 2001.

Real estate and its incessant stresses catalyzed new growth.

I had to learn how to access and direct healing energy. I practiced Reiki for over a year and became a Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master through The Reiki School in Philadelphia and William Rand in 2006. I created Cosmic Reiki in 2007 to integrate my own experience with energy work. This was also the year I became a licensed real estate broker.

Life kept evolving and I knew I had to share what I’d learned about manifestation through decades of reading New Thought authors like Charles Fillmore, Catherine Ponder, Joel Goldsmith, Raymond Charles Barker, Neville, Florence Shovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, among others. Since I was a frequent participant in Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction weekly phone meetings that integrated NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom technique), I took the leap and completed his first Law of Attraction facilitator’s training in 2008.

After an active decade of real estate transactions that benefited from my developed senses and personal integrity, the Great Recession offered more opportunity for me to help thousands in a position that involved researching regulatory complaints.

I helped many save their homes to foreclosure, but the permanent stress of recognizing how customers and employees are continuously dehumanized was an awakener. On my free hours off of a 60 hour work week, I started doing readings again to restore my soul.

Walking a life of balancing spiritual and material commitments hasn’t been easy. But it developed my powerful common sense wisdom honed by daily practice of essential spiritual principles.

Those stressful years deepened my commitment to return wholly to doing readings and coaching others with the unique synergy of spiritual and practical wisdom that had transformed my own life.

All things come with time. And I am here for you now.

My journey of self-discovery has brought me to being here now as one of your greatest allies. I understand how painful and solitary life can be. You now have the opportunity to leverage my experience and blossom into the best expression of your whole self.

I would love to be your guide and cosmic coach on your extraordinary journey!