Horoscope for December 23

With quick witted Moon in Gemini, you might get stuck with a problem or responsibility that distracts you from what you had planned today.

Gemini dances easily between thoughts and needs to be aware, there’s a limitation on time and with ruling Mercury in Capricorn, the bigger goals need to be considered. Or nothing will get done.

With Uranus and the Sun aspecting dwarf-planet nurturing Ceres in Aquarius, you may seek a break with friends and then get caught up in conversations that take you off track.

There’s a lot of interesting detail that can pull you away from what you set out to do today. Check your list and stay on target. You’ll be able to relax later.

Venus in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Virgo will extend a warm and loving glow over tomorrow.

The image above is first half of the airglow image I posted in the desert of Atacama by Yuri Beletsky on December 17, 2015.

Blessings of the season to you and yours!


  • Uranus in Aries sextile Ceres in Aquarius at 2:35am PST/10:35am GMT
  • Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces at 6:54am PST/2:54pm GMT
  • Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn at 11:45am PST/7:45pm GMT
  • Sun in Capricorn semi-square Ceres in Aquarius at 1:17pm PST/9:17pm GMT
  • Moon in Gemini trine Lilith in Libra at 5:05pm PST/1:05am GMT
  • Moon in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries at 10:27pm PST/6:27am GMT
  • Moon in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces at 11:38pm PST/7:38am GMT (Thursday)

Every day I share a daily horoscope centered on the activity of the Moon. The Moon strongly influences the mood and circumstances that arise in the general population and can help you understand the events in your life. I also include other planetary and asteroid aspects occurring for the day. The movements in our solar system give symbolic meaning to interpret the patterns that open portals to our personal growth.

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