Horoscope for November 17

What’s true for you?

The Moon in independent Aquarius supports the need to think your own thoughts today. Mercury conjunct Sun at 24º Scorpio is committed to finding solutions for what’s not working.

Mercury governs the mind and the Sun represents the self, what’s important to you. Look to where late Scorpio is in your chart. You are digging deep to create transformation in that area of your life.

Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed and stubborn signs that don’t work easily together but today they have a common interest in uncovering and revealing illumination. There’s support with the Moon trining Mars, Venus and Lilith over the day, which will add more insight and energy to fuel the unrelenting analysis.

The trines will lighten up the atmosphere to appreciate what is beautiful, what we are grateful for and what is working. It will also help to keep from grumbling and snarling at others as Scorpio and Aquarius would do, if left to its own influence.

There’s more than logical analysis influencing the discoveries of this time. Neptune is stationing direct tomorrow morning. Whenever a planet stations direct, the influence of the planet is magnified. The beliefs of Neptune are expanded (and they are already widespread and unbound in Pisces) and are even more clearly real.

But on November 26, 2015 the authority of Saturn will square Neptune for the first of 3 squares over the next year. The events of the past week have already given insight on how these two are struggling to find peace with each other.

Neptune doesn’t want the authoritarian reality of Saturn crushing the dream and Saturn in Sagittarius wants us all on board with the walk your talk paradigm.

These are not clear cut times. For today, dig deep into what’s true for you.


  • Moon entered Aquarius at 2:24am EST/7:24am GMT
  • Moon in Aquarius trine Mars in Libra at 7:23am EST/12:23pm GMT
  • Mercury conjunct Sun in Scorpio at 9:53am EST/2:53pm GMT
  • Moon in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius at 1:11pm EST/6:11pm GMT
  • Moon trine Lilith at 7:13pm EST/1:13am GMT
  • Moon trine Venus at 6:59pm EST/11:59pmGMT


Every day I share a daily horoscope centered on the activity of the Moon. The Moon strongly influences the mood and circumstances that arise in the general population and can help you understand the events in your life. I also include other planetary and asteroid aspects occurring for the day. The movements in our solar system give symbolic meaning to interpret the patterns that open portals to our personal growth.

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