Last Quarter Moon: Expanding Inner Light

Last Quarter Moon at 28º Aquarius, May 18, 2017 at 5:33pm PDT/8:33pm EDT/1:33am GMT.


Just a week ago, the final Mercury/Uranus conjunction sent a zap of high voltage communications as it was magnified by the probing truth of the Scorpio Full Moon.


Life paths are transforming before our eyes at an accelerated pace. Stranger than fiction, events seem to be competing for frightful expression. It’s a weird world out there.


But it’s a perfect catalyst to expand your light within.


After the moon recedes from its full illumination, it leaves you with what you know for sure as we move through the darkening nights of this lunar cycle. And maybe you’re feeling what you need to let go of to fully nourish what’s important to you.


This Last Quarter Moon helps digest some of the contrary circumstances you’ve witnessed in the past week. It’s an “enlightening” time that’s full of activity to transform yourself, your life, your nation, and your world.


Are you actually resisting change by pushing so hard to make it happen?


Mars in Gemini occupies your mind with many questions. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler moved into determined Taurus last Tuesday, where it will be steadied through June 6. The Sun moves into Gemini this Saturday, while the Moon moves to a magnified Super New 4º Gemini Moon next Thursday.


These are undoubtedly extraordinary times.


The invisible but very present mathematical point of the Moon’s nodal axis moved into 29º Leo last Tuesday, and onto Donald Trump’s ascendant, his axis of identity. The backward moving North Node is now aligned with the upcoming total Solar Eclipse on August 21.  This will be the first total solar eclipse visible over the United States since 1979.


Donald Trump was born with a Gemini Sun during a lunar eclipse. Eclipses contain the wild card energy of the lunar nodes. And this upcoming shadow of the eclipse in Leo, on Trump’s ascendant, is affecting him, the United States, and beyond.


Events of this world are powerless to the unwavering movement of the cosmos.


The universe doesn’t wait until you’re ready. But the plasma of the infinite supports you in more ways than may realize.


Instead of attempting to grip onto whatever seems stable, find the flow in the cosmic stream of information. Keep reminding yourself of the vast connections that you’re inextricably connected to in every single moment.


With Venus in Aries directly opposite Jupiter at this final quarter Moon, feel the hopeful grace of your movements forward, but beware of influences that take you from your truth.


Saturn strengthens your determination to be practical and focused on conceiving a better future, as it aligns with the genius of Uranus. Great powerful shifts are occurring through your own personal authority.


If it’s lawful, ethical and honest, you’ll succeed in doing things YOUR way.


The more you express your visionary impulses, the more you’ll influence the same positive changes in the society around you. Trust your intuition. Explore new impulses. The totality of life on this speck of dust hurtling at 19 miles (30 km) per second through space, is making sense to you. You are small and fragile with an infinitely courageous heart.


Everything under the Sun has a shadow. As the Moon’s shadow grows, it opens up the wonder of what can’t be seen in the light of day or the overriding fear of the ego.


Notice what’s going on within you. Be patient with the energy of all that’s coursing through this planet. Clarity is expanding in every aspect of your sacred walk on Earth.


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