May Forecast: Courageous Enlightened Perspective

May opens up 31 new days of perspective on the trials of the past months.


April ended with a heavy reckoning of what you’ve been working with to balance your life. In my connections with so many of you, it seems more loved ones passed on in April. But you’re still here. And you know you’ve got to make some changes to improve the time you have on Earth.


Life isn’t easy for anyone. But there’s love.


And more love flows to you and others when you let go of fear and open up to the possibilities. You really don’t have a choice, so choose change and make it yours.


Enlightenment is coming.


Mercury moves direct quite dramatically on May 3 at 24ºAries. With Venus direct and also now in Aries, you’re back on the path that supports you.


Try practicing self-acceptance instead of hoping others will be different. Your increasing self-love will ask for even more with all that you’ve learned. Speak frankly. Settle issues. Define your needs so that you can communicate them.


If you ignore all of the above, you’ll feel it in the second week of May, when Mercury catches up for a third conjunction with Uranus. There’s no way you’ll feel at ease if you go along with any lingering status quo.


Rebellious disruption is expanding everyone’s perspective.


And you’re additionally empowered to speak your mind as the North Node moves from the quiet modesty of Virgo into the confidence of Leo on May 9 for another 18 months. If you were hiding out, you’re now emboldened to take the stage.


The potent depths of the Scorpio Full Moon on May 10 amplify your passions a bit more. The truth has to emerge. What was, is behind you and your new life is here now.


What to do next isn’t totally clear when your questioning is spurred by Mars in Gemini at odds with the infinite possibilities of Neptune on May 11.


By Sunday, May 14, your clarity will return with new creative inspiration that’s been catalyzed by your prior uncertainty. You’re back on your path and feel really good about where you’re going.


So you know what you want, but then everyone else has to get on board with your growth. The third week of May reflects that adjustment. In this last week of stubborn Taurus, remind yourself to stay fluid and not become the dictator you’re resisting.


You can be firm without demanding others act as you do.


Life speeds up in the fourth week as the Sun enters mercurial Gemini. The extra Super New Moon on May 25 at 4º Gemini blasts open your already expanded vision to fully align with your soul’s purpose.


With the Gemini New Moon, Venus in Aries joins dwarf planet Pallas Athena, which is approaching the revolutionary input of the fierce feminine of Eris and the disruption of Uranus. Pallas helps you put it all together with the potent insight of Pluto. Your truth is escalating and asking for what’s righteous.


Air fuels fire and the fire is brightly illuminating ideas for new growth.


The intellectual aggression of Mars in Gemini challenges the authority Saturn on Sunday, May 28. There are moments like this throughout the month, when you just need to refocus within to see your outer life shift.


The month began with the lingering residue of the Saturn/Chiron square reminding you to handle what’s unsustainable. The end of the month finds you demanding even more with what you could not see before.


Love begins with you and what you need to be the best person you can be in this very short, fragile life that you’re courageously living.


Self-love is the beginning everything good. Expand your growing heart in ways that surprise you this month.



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