More Life With Your Light

How’s your inner Sun shining? With the Sun joining Mercury in Moon-ruled Cancer and opposing Pluto in Capricorn in the next 24 hours, the current radiant Moon in Sun-ruled Leo asks how you’re creating more life with your light?

Tiny potent Pluto holds the mirror for your deepest truth from the nether regions of space. It takes 5 years for light to reach Pluto, yet its transformative power works from the dark void to pull away anything that’s veiling your reality. If you’re feeling exposed, it’s working on you.

The Sun and its special place in your chart is your starlight, your identity and what makes you unique. The Sun represents your journey in life and how you’re able to express your authority and meet daily challenges.

Quick moving Mercury sparks your mind and shows the way you interpret all the data that streams in. The way you speak, the way you take in the twists of life, and how you process your thoughts.

For all signs, this Sun/Mercury in Cancer conjunction has great personal meaning. The house of where Cancer is in your chart is where you are especially sensitive. Fluid feelings are inspiring waves of thoughts about how you can deeply nurture that area.

Truth is transformative because truth corrects misinformation – which is an alternate reality. The old way of keeping the truth hidden and pretending something else is real isn’t working for anyone anymore.

Discover more how the planets are guiding you to in an upcoming series I’ll be posting on the ruling planets of each Sun sign. Since the Sun is in Cancer, we’ll start with the Moon; as the Sun moves into Leo, we’ll focus on its ruling Sun; and so on, so that you can fully relate to planetary influences in your chart.

How’s this Mercury/Sun and Pluto opposition affecting you now? If you know where 15º Cancer is in your chart and want to know more about what this opposition with Pluto means for you, let me know in a comment below.

You can also read how it’s affecting you in this week’s forecast.