Scorpio Full Moon: Magnifying Your Desires

Scorpio Full Moon, May 10, 2017 at 2:42pm PDT/5:42pm EDT/10:42pm GMT.


What was stable is unstable. And the only way to find solid ground is to plunge into the depths. Powerful truth is bubbling to the surface now. What you’ve been dissatisfied with is now absolutely intolerable.


If you’re somehow still saying yes to something you’ve been actively working to dissolve, you’ll see things working out of your control to bring your right path to light.


The Scorpio Moon reveals its full potency with the Sun in Taurus.


Full Moons ripen the whole story. You get the complete perspective — with opposing and quite fixed agendas.


The urge to enjoy life is so strong with Taurus. And the determination to put in 100% of your soul’s effort is demanded by what Scorpio reveals in your chart. Your true standing in life is found by observing the information that’s rushing up like a surprising high tide.


You’re braver than you thought.


Penetrating Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is in supportive harmony with the Sun. Your radiant self can create the changes you realize you really don’t want to avoid. The reward of change is it removes the illusion of stagnating assurance.


You have to act on your impulses instead of waiting to see if you’re safe to go forward. There aren’t any guarantees. You won’t be more secure from inaction or by trying to play it safe.


The electrifying pulse of surprising realizations is a cosmic gift in these illuminating times.


As your attachments crumble, you have the courage to reconfigure these areas with insights you are beginning to understand.


As uncomfortable as it is to be shocked with uncomfortable truths, the third and final conjunction of Mercury in Aries and Uranus has made you aware of where you’ve been stuck. (exact today at 10:20pm PDT/1:20am EDT/4:20am GMT). Or maybe where you’re coming unglued from old stagnant beliefs that are crumbling.


The presence of the feminine spiritual warrior dwarf planet Eris ensures this energy is like hot cayenne pepper circulating throughout your body and life.


Don’t be worried and certainly don’t be afraid. As of this posting, we *just* moved out of Virgo/Pisces lunar nodes into the roaring vitality of North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius. Since November of 2015, you’ve been working to clear up your boundaries and areas where you’ve lost yourself.


You’ve discovered what’s important to you and how you want to serve.


From today through the beginning of November 2018, you’ll be stepping out from the crowd to express more of your heart. It’s going to be easier to openly share your full self with boundless courage.


No more playing aloof or making yourself smaller for acceptance. The last time the North Node was in Leo was from April 2000 to October 2001. What do you remember about that time?


You’re finding your inner solidity and creating opportunities to boldly share what you’re impassioned about. It’s ok to get wet as flowing emotions wash over you. Your life is rapidly changing scenes and new connections are arriving.


Life isn’t neat and sterile.


It’s messy and wonderful to be passionately alive. Now.

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