Surrender – Make It Sweet!

With an eye for empowerment and driving fulfillment of our desires, how do we manage when the response from the universe is not the magical life we affirmed? Venus is now behind the Sun and in a retrograde phase. The Goddess Venus, who exemplifies our desires, has gone away to ponder what we really want – and how what we crave can merge with what serves us.

We feel grateful for so much in our lives, yet these days it seems we can’t make anything happen the way we intend it to be. As Venus returns for another visit with Jupiter today, it may seem like we are being guided to open as wide as expansive Jupiter to a the very un-jovial sentiment of surrender. Surrender, normally reserved for the deepest, darkest moments of winter, grief, and all consuming despair, when we have to yield to things we cannot change.

Venus whispers to us, asking us to look at this another way. Could we instead imagine that we are being brought to mercy by the tender movements of a lover who knows just what we need? Could it be all we need do is surrender to this review phase and allow ourselves to be touched in subtle ways that open us to our vulnerable being – and we only need to willingly remove our armor to enjoy this lovemaking?

Tweet: Surrender to the sweetness of this moment.Surrender to the sweetness of this moment. Your mind may say you don’t have what you were pushing for, yet patience, dear one, your heart is opening to a more complete appreciation of all the blessings unfolding for you. Breathe deeply into the beauty of this joyous surrender.