Super New Moon in Gemini: Anchor Your Powerful Thoughts

Gemini Super New Moon, May 25, 2017 at 12:44pm PDT/3:44pm EDT/8:44pm GMT.


The mercurial Gemini twins are amplifying everyone’s emotional unpredictability for the next few days.


Conversations blossom with spontaneous thoughts from the quickened pulse of the Moon being in closest proximity to Earth for this year. The distance of the Moon varies because the moon isn’t going around in a perfect circle.


Life is in motion but where is it going?


With the Super Moon and Sun joining in Gemini to begin a new cycle, there’s also the will of Mars, also in Gemini, that’s amplifying the flow and manipulation of information.


These are interesting times for sure and there’s plenty of vital data that many minds want access to. And there’s a lot of disagreement about how it’s interpreted. A recipe for chaos is building and the only safe outlet is for you to expand your options.


The choices on the table aren’t reliable. So what’s next for you?


Fear isn’t an option right now. You grow through challenges. This is ultimately going to help you. With a little prodding from the universe, you’re bringing out more of who you are.


Pluto, the cosmic regenerator is at work, pushing the truth to light, and stripping away the fraud. The old structures are breaking down so that something different can arise.


And Pluto is a demanding and unrelenting force that uses crisis to force change. Critical creative insight and collective action from the feminine nurtures evolutionary ideas in this new lunar cycle.


The astrological pattern behind this is from fearless Venus in Aries exactly conjoining the innovative pioneering spirit of dwarf-planet Pallas Athena squaring Pluto, sparking a need to know what’s really going on and taking intelligent action based on that harsh reality check.


Mercury, Gemini’s influencer, is in a yod (finger of God) formation, with Neptune, and expanding what’s fair for humanity by “pointing” to Jupiter in Libra.


Gemini uses the hands, breath, nervous system and brain to communicate with life. That covers a lot of your being. And with Mercury being in Taurus and ruling the throat and ears, you’re fully tuned into a lot of signals.


With everything is moving at hyperspeed you need to use the pragmatic wisdom of Mercury in Taurus to stay calm and carry on with enlightened sensibility. Practice what you know is good and nourishes you. Avoid losing energy to worry or gossip and be impeccable with your words.


Your words are super potent right now.


What goes out of your mouth comes into your life. What swirls around your mind comes into your experience. You’re more powerful than you know.


And who are you listening to? You’re up leveling so fast and it’s up to you to keep your energy radiant like the stars shining in this dark night.


You’re extra sensitive to limiting beliefs, lies, and misinformation. Choose something better. Your fight for what’s right begins within your own mind.



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