Taste the Luscious Abundance of the Taurus Super Full Moon

Taurus Full Moon, November 3 & 4, 2017 at 10:23pm PDT/1:23am EDT/6:23am GMT


The freedom of the weekend is here! Moon ripens to fullness in the sensuous sign of Taurus. A few minutes before, Venus frees your heart for you to enjoy more of life with an opposition to liberating Uranus.


It’s a Super Full Moon, but not as close to the Earth as some others. But it’s very large and amplified by the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio.


Unlike other crazy-making Full Moons, this one is here to calm.


Its message for you is, to take care of your body. Observe what sustains you and how you can cultivate more of what you love. You are illumined by the generous physical abundance of Taurus.


The solid qualities of Taurus quiet the jitters from the pull of the Full Moon and affirm the physical abundance around you. The passionate emotions that were stirred up now have an opportunity to find calm. You can more easily clear up or shed anything in your physical environment that has been less than pleasant.


Direct this power to what you enjoy about your life. What feels more important? Your emotions have been intense but now the Taurus Moon helps everything find a way to feel more secure.


This bountiful Taurus Moon awakens a time to restore and bring complicated issues to light and break them down into simple steps. You’re being soothed by the reflective rays of this earthy Moon to create solutions.


You’ve been through some wild times and now you’re inspired to get practical and work things out.


This is the full moon of the lunar cycle that began with the October 19 Libra New Moon. Remember how it promised surprises with the influence of disruptive Uranus?


You’re surprising yourself with the answers.


Maybe some of the things that haven’t gone as planned have accelerated your growth with jolts of understanding. You’re motivated to remove your self-imposed blocks.


You can safely navigate the uncomfortable issues that have been brought to the surface. It’s easier to digest what’s been going on and release what hasn’t been working to create a more empowered future.


You may be feeling a sense of urgency to rise to another level of accomplishment. If you’ve been feeling threatened, you may be focused on survival. There’s opportunity to thrive with this Full Moon phase by breaking free of where you’ve shorted yourself.


Scorpio brings up the deeper concerns and Taurus wants to find a way to feel good.


Notice how you’re feeling what you feel and opening to what it means. More and more potent information is bubbling to the surface.


The rulers of Scorpio and Taurus, Mars and Venus are in the other Venus-ruled sign of Libra, making balance very important for your wellbeing. Yet again, the lunar message for the month continues with more messages of how true love begins within.


To create balance you may have thought fulfillment would come by tightening up your judgment of what’s ideal. Now you may be discovering with the concurrent opposition of Venus and disruptive Uranus with this Venus-ruled Full Moon, how satisfaction is in being free to be comfortable being you.


If you aren’t honoring your own needs, you can’t hear and fulfill the needs of another. This Taurus Full Moon helps you clarify what feels good to you within. And if it’s not feeling good, what can you do to change that? Your desire for perfect health, your comfortable wealth and expanding inner peace are up for consideration.


How can you take off your armor and soften to what moves you to pleasure? The more you peel away the layers of what you thought you had to hold, there more of you there will be to share.


Break free of what’s chained you and experience what roots you. That may feel awkward at first. Let go of what you’ve already had to let go of in these past two weeks and don’t beat yourself about it. This Full Moon frees you and strengthens your fortitude to assess your values for what they really mean.


Cultivate partnerships that feel natural. You want to feel comfortable. And nothing less will do.


As the large orb of the Super Taurus Moon illumines the sky, commit to new ways to partner with your needs and transform the intensity into new secure serenity. Trust your instincts to balance your life and guide you to your deepest needs.


Love yourself and learn more about what motivates you and how you can align your desires with perfect timing.

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