Super New Moon in Cancer: Awakening Your Heart

Cancer New Moon and Supermoon exact Friday June 23 at 7:31pm PDT, 10:31pm EDT, Saturday June 24 at 3:31am GMT


The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. –Carlos Santana (Sun, Venus in Cancer, Moon in Leo)


A New Moon in Cancer aligns very close to Earth. You’re feeling the constant emotional rhythms of life as a fluid human being.


The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars emphasize the active nurturing of the sign, Cancer the Crab. You’re stirred up to discover a new level of peace.


Maybe you didn’t plan this, but you’re in a cosmic intensive on heart opening.


You’re awakening to your deepest yearnings over the next two months. And you’ll be a different person after the heart-expanding total Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21.


This new lunar phase asks you how you’re tending to your feelings? How do you give yourself love? Are you noticing the power of your emotions and the vulnerability it’s awakening?


Allow yourself to be immersed in the water.


If you resist, you won’t experience the joy of learning to play in it. Learning to swim is a life saver. Learning to feel is a life expander.


There’s powerful magic in this cosmic current. Situations are changing with the reconfiguring influence of Uranus and Saturn and allowing new perceptions.


You’re seeing the rewards of your good work to affirm your potential to create an exceptional life. It’s easier to adjust where you’ve limited yourself by cutting off your feelings.


You want to create security. And you’re discovering how true security develops from inner awareness. The questions in life will never be fully answered. But you can feel the truth through your amazing electric, fluid pumping heart.


Check your feelings right now. This moment will be the past in a nanosecond of time. How are you attending to those nagging whispers of things you’d like to pursue?


Cancer loves every nuance of the past, but can be swept up in the nostalgia and forget how the present moment is even more precious and fertile. You are creating your future now.


As you attend to your raw feelings, others who feel you are drawn to you too. Self-awareness expands to interpersonal awareness.


Relationships are deepening. You’re feeling a Plutonian, this is LIFE, not death, push to thrive. Love is real and you want to act on what it inspires. Pretenses are cast away to reveal the essential truth. Closer bonds are developed from your intense experiences.


This final Super New Moon of 2017 is a potent beginning. This is how you respond to the Cancer-ruled house(s) in your chart. Cancer energy is a shifting tide of powerful emotions. You’re discovering the truth by feeling it.


Open your heart to your expanding life!



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