About Me

So you want to learn a bit more about me…I’m honored to meet you!


I’m a life coach, astrologer, intuitive and energetic healer with over 30 years of experience inspiring others with my nurturing and restorative presence.


I am a catalyst for your opening to greater fulfillment. I am here to support your best possible life expression.


I have a wealth of life experience, study and reflection to support you on a swifter, sweeter path.


I’ve evolved to become a successful cosmic life coach with the proven tools to create loving relationships, satisfying work, and fulfillment of your soul’s purpose in this life.


And I am here for you as one of your greatest allies. I understand how scary, painful and solitary life can be. Miraculous shifts occur with the right energetic focus.


Work with me and I’ll coach you with questions and reflections on your unique astrological chart. You’ll receive my guided meditations to enhance your wellbeing.


You’ll receive exercises to embody the full potential of your life.


I offer you the opportunity to blossom into the best expression of your true self and realize all that’s possible in your miraculous life!


I have a private practice based in Portland, OR. I am available for 1:1 readings, coaching (in person, or via phone/skype) and for workshops and talks as well.



Summary of Healing and Metaphysical Experience


  • Tarot Reader since 1977
  • Astrologist (Western/Vedic) since 1982
  • Numerologist, Oakland, CA, 1987 – 1994
  • Created and curated Cosmic Web, web portal for Truth, Philadelphia, PA – 1996
  • Reiki I, II, III The Reiki School, Kim Fleisher, Philadelphia, PA – 2006
  • Usui/Tibetan Reiki III & Master, William Rand, NY – 2006
  • Karuna Reiki, William Rand, NY – 2007
  • Karuna Reiki, Master, William Rand, NY – 2007
  • Reiki Crystal Healing, Laurelle Gaia, Sedona, AZ – 2007
  • Created Cosmic Reiki Healing 2007
  • Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator with Michael Losier, Vancouver, BC – 2008
  • 60-HR Yin Yoga Certification, Daniel Shankin and Sally Miller, Main Line Yoga, Ardmore, PA – 2008
  • 200-HR Vinyasa Yoga Certification, Core Power Yoga, Boulder, CO – 2011
  • Healing Singing Bowl Training, Suren Shrestha, Boulder, CO – 2014
  • Professional Life Coach since 2015