2019 Forecast and Horoscopes

After a year where the word “misinformation” was named the word of the year, 2019 brings the excesses of the past to light.


Worldwide, we’ll welcome a global awakening to the sacrifices and compassionate sharing needed as we spin into the next financial crisis.


For you, the individual, 2019 will bring more energy into your physical body to experience the increased diversions and discoveries in life.


Digging for the truth becomes a necessity as fraudulent and deceptive activities increase as world leadership changes.


When Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, 2019, for a 6-year visit, everything that relates to any form of security is up for change, disruption and upheaval. Abnormal is the new normal.


Yes, this is sobering news to begin the new year. Long-existing structures are crumbling to so that new forms can be rebuilt to coexist with the needs of all of the people and other living beings that call the Earth home.


Part of the solution is the serious input of Capricorn which will begin the year with the first of five eclipses; the solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5; and end with the force of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn to guide you toward additional structural changes in 2020.


This is the beginning of a more compassionate world. Greater empathy and openness in your relationships will expand your understanding and faith in humanity.


More than ever, it’s a year to express your caring and sensitive side by finding ways to serve others in ways that are important to you.


Supporting others in small ways in 2019 will boost your peace of mind and overall personal satisfaction.


2019 is a year of meeting your own needs and then helping as you can. Martyrdom is behind you. Self-powered collective freedom is here.


Here are your horoscopes for 2019, based on the major aspects over the year. I’ve based this on your Sun sign, but you can also look at your Moon, and Ascendant for additional insight. 




2019 offers you some surprising opportunities along with a few unusual challenges.


From the first of the year, you’re ready to do what it takes to push toward your dreams. No matter the obstacles that arise, you’ll overcome anything that gets in your way.


The first eclipse of the year, a solar eclipse, on January 5, in Capricorn, gives you the message that you need to dig deep into your personal reserves to overcome long-term emotional blockages to take a fresh approach to the year.


You’re breaking down the walls that have protected you so that you can develop a new path that energizes your life.


In the process, you may butt heads with others who appear to limit your control of situations close to your heart.


You’ll win by finding solutions that meet everyone’s needs.


The more you cultivate peace, the more you will expand your life in ways you hadn’t imagined.


This is a year that supports your growth and opens doors that you didn’t know existed.



In 2019, the unexpected is your new foundation. Yes, your values are changing. Partly because whatever felt secure, is no longer.  


The sensational spark of your unique essence becomes evident as you realize how to bring your greatest hopes to life.


With faith in whatever liberates your values to explore what you want, you’ll enjoy the results of getting out of your comfort zone.  


The first lunar eclipse on January 5 and the first solar eclipse on January 21 will underscore how holding on to outworn ideas will only isolate you and keep you from the wild torrent of creative inspiration that’s available all year.


Prepare let go of any unwavering beliefs in 2019. 


Whether it’s a new look or new method of communicating with others, your fresh approach will create a magnetic glow that attracts the extraordinary.


Your satisfaction will be defined by how you want to serve in the world.


You become a gift to others through people and other opportunities that support those who need more food, shelter or education.


Freedom from anxiety and doubt is becoming your new security.




You always want more information. Life has been a whirl of tangents. You’ve learned a lot.


2019 starts with an opportunity to receive some lessons from your experiences.


The first eclipse of the year, a solar eclipse, on January 5, in Capricorn, inspires you to move some of your defenses to understand the deeper meaning of your encounters.


You have an opportunity to clear out self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.


While you enjoy perpetual distractions, you want more than just some of the pieces to the puzzle in 2019.


This is a year to root your long-term goals and focus on how to improve your life with the resources available.


Whatever appears to be holding you back or sapping your energy will fade into the past.


Use your sharp senses help others in ways you didn’t know were valuable.




2019 is the year that puts you in the positions you’ve wanted to be in. 


But to become comfortable with them, you’ll need to face what you’ve been doing to shield your sensitive nature.


Your emotional response patterns are changing to support your fearless pursuit of the dreams you’re ready to realize with a new approach to your old habitual living.


You’re going to need to say no to whatever doesn’t feel good to you this year. 


You can’t avoid the challenges and responsibilities in all of your relationships. 


But you’ll learn more about how to assert your authority and have confidence in the sincerity of those who love you.


Caring for others is a natural instinct for you. In 2019 it’s never been so important to refrain from overextending yourself. Being present and aware is enough.


The first eclipse of the year on January 5 underscores the need to take care of yourself in 2019. 


Your true security and evidence that you’re able to better nurture others is developed with every act of self-care. 




2019 opens with you feeling disenchanted with the status quo. But if you’re ready to take a risk, you can make a giant leap forward in 2019.


You really don’t have an option. Playing it safe and trying to stick with the tried and true, will backfire spectacularly.


It’s time for a lion-like roar, Leo. Life is short and you’re getting steady hints at what you really want but have been afraid to ask for.


You don’t need to prove yourself noble or capable. The first eclipse of 2019 on January 5 may stir up a sense of powerlessness about your life.


It’s a good start to strip away any unneeded barriers you’ve created to acknowledge you’ve got to try a new way.


New creative opportunities will reward your willingness to discover different facets of your light. Be willing to add to the fire.




All the things you love about the Earth offer inspiration through evolving ideas into form.


Maybe you haven’t appreciated the changing landscapes around you, but you may have recognized how adaptable you really are.


With all the changes in 2018, you may be wondering if anything of value can be accomplished in 2019.


The first eclipse on January 5 helps you identify your limitations and appreciate all the parts of your life with grace.


Focus directed on being the person you are, instead of what others want you to be, will help you meet the demands of others.


Your inner soul work along with the home and family will bring you the greatest fulfillment in 2019.


Happy times prosper from within.




The past few years have been more unpredictable than you’ve wanted. While life has often thrown you off balance, it’s also shown you some things you needed to see.


2019 offers a chance to deepen your relationships and grow with the increased stability.


You know who you can count on. And you’ll receive unexpected dividends for learning to trust again.


As you’re motivated to find new ways to overcome the issues that have held you back in the past, you have an opportunity to look at the root cause of how these things developed.


Obligations may still seem heavy in 2019, but you can restructure them to meet all of your needs. 


You’re learning how to build long-term security in a new way.


Ultimately, you’re discovering the spiritual connection to healthy, prosperous living. 


If you’ve been repressing emotions, you’ll notice the imbalance, and cultivate the benefits of releasing what no longer serves you.




2018 offered you a chance to regroup from the challenges of the past years. In the process, you’ve regained a lot of the trust that you thought you’d lost.


You usually do everything possible to avoid vulnerability. But the most important person who needs to see your fears in 2019 is you.


By addressing your concerns directly within, you’ll discover that you’re more powerful than ever.


You’ve been changing your workplace in 2018 and 2019 will bring the unexpected in all of your dynamics with others.


Everyone may be clamoring for your attention and you’ll need to be practical about your relationships.


You love being everyone’s hero, as the one who understands life’s complexities and challenges, but the demands on your time will grow exponentially through the year.


Maintain your lust for privacy by finding ways to escape to remote locations.


Taking little breaks to disappear this year, will keep you fresh for the many exciting opportunities that will make 2019 a year to remember.




Life is good! The world is yours to recreate and explore more of. You’ve had some challenges in 2018, but they’re behind you as you begin anew.


Your natural gifts of expansive enthusiasm, faith, and joyful living are abundant in 2019.


But if you use these feelings to avoid important opportunities, 2019 could become a lost year if you don’t give your optimism a purposeful structure.


It’s not the year to spend wildly. Better to conserve what you have and create what you need with the luck that follows you all year long.


While good fortune follows you, make the most of it by leveraging the light to make important decisions.


You may need to adjust your eating patterns and generally cultivate habits that help contain your optimism and give your life even more meaning.




Capricorn never depends on luck on its climb up the mountain of ambitions. The first eclipse of 2019 in your sign may raise your fears about what the future holds.


You’re the sure-footed goat who knows your own strength to handle anything that comes along. What you may be missing is the need to take time to refuel emotionally.


The eclipses of the year point to the importance of taking care of you, by doing things that nourish and care for your needs to avoid exhaustion.


Be willing to meet new friends that will support your creative aspirations. Follow your urgings to discover in playful activities that give you joy. You’ll need to recharge from the many steps of life all year long.


Success isn’t from the traditional routes this year. Follow your happiness and you’ll love who you’re on the journey with.




You’re the inventor of the zodiac. After years of pushing for freedom, you’re ready to focus on the foundation of your life and reidentify what you value.


The first eclipse of 2019 on January 5 may seem depressing or limiting. You may think the only way to change something is to do it yourself.


Keep polishing your lens of perception. Focus on what’s been confusing. You’re bringing your whole self to life and establishing your terms.


If life pinches you with challenges, take it as an opportunity to explore the freedom to be unapologetically who you are.


Serious matters may weigh on your mind from time to time. And others may wonder what you’re up to. The radical truth resounds with what you’re committed to.


You don’t have to compromise. Just flow with the electric energy of real changes in the world and cultivate a community that reflects who you are.




Maybe you’ve been feeling a bit nauseous as you consider 2019. You know, sensitive one, that significant changes are looming.


Consider it a good sign you’re feeling sensations in your body instead of trying to escape into your dreams.


You have fears to face as the year begins. The first solar eclipse on January 5 raises fears that you’re not worthy of the new sprouts in your life.


The details of 2019 are unknown. It’s up to each of us to create them.


Instead of worrying about the future, focus on right now and how you can release the old pains of the past and build trust in what the future will bring.


By finding the universal flow, you’ve got the current everyone wants to understand.


Your gains may require practice and persistence to see good results. But through it all, you’ll know you’re not alone. And finally, the world is listening to your perspective.


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