Acting on Truth with the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 11:02am PDT/2:02pm EDT/6:02pm GMT


Moon in Capricorn sheds a serious light on the laws of the land. Capricorn respects the rules while Libra is challenged to uphold the law with something that opposes a long-established tradition.


The Sun in Libra, is in exact opposition to Eris, the dwarf-planet, rebel-minded sister of Mars. An opposition is a polarity seeking a middle way to meet differing demands. The Moon in Capricorn acts as the solution for polarized perspectives.


Libra wants justice that incorporates the facts. Eris wants to break the rules and disrupt tradition. Moon in Capricorn offers the work that needs to be done so that everyone gets the respect and the consequences they’ve earned.


This is a configuration that inspires action in your week ahead.


Whether you’re born into a position of power or entered to humble means, you’re a human with an average of 27,375 days on Earth to live. Life is short and how you invest your time is a brief window of opportunity to express who you are.


With Venus retrograde in Scorpio bringing awareness about spending or doing too much to get what you want, you’re interested in cutting your losses and working with your essential truth to get to the root of what you want.


What’s going to give you the greatest return for your short life investment?


Moon in Capricorn, structured by Saturn, is ambitious energy because it knows about cause and effect. You get back what you put into everything. Sometimes that’s sweet, and other times it’s an understanding of what you could have done better.


Capricorn keeps going as it knows with every step you ascend to another perspective.


Do it your way. This is an alignment to act on what you want, even if it’s hard work to get it done. This week will reveal whether you’re wholly aligned with your ambitions.


Saturn-ruled Capricorn exemplifies integrity. If you aren’t reconciling all the parts of you, then what you’re ignoring will stand out and require analysis and coordination into a new harmonious whole.


Use this potent week to learn more about what matters most to you.


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