All the Jewels of July

July is going to be a lot of fun.


Part of it will be the entertainment from the circus of everyone feeling a boost of courage.


Keep smiling as you’ll know what’s real.


You gotta keep growing to keep up. Or go on an adventure to get away from the noise. Maybe you want to stay home and dwell on the comforts of inner peace.


Whatever you choose, enjoy the month ahead!


I’ve lined this up for you to reference through the month:


July 1 Mars enters Leo and amps your drive to be recognized and follow your creative pulse.


July 2 Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. The path of totality crosses just below Buenas Aires, Argentina through Chile. This eclipse is part of a series that began in 991 and occurred most recently in June 2001. As a series it reflects influences that brings news that involves young people and information that transforms a situation. It supports successfully taking on a big project or activity. Just keep the sober caution of Saturn in mind and don’t get carried away.


July 3 Venus, planet of love and all that you value, enters Cancer. And Cancer loves the home, family, and country. With all the bold, exaggerated energy in the sky, it’s a good time to meet people and have a party. With Cancer, it’s always personal, so try and stay clear of arguments. You’re more confident without conflict.


July 7 Mercury stations retrograde in Leo, very close to Mars, which makes this an impulsive and rebellious retrograde. There’s potential to overcome stage fright and fear of rejection. The heart can lead and let go of the armor of the ego. Avoid spontaneous rebuttals. You could lose your cool.


July 8 Chiron in Aries stations retrograde for 5 months for you to review the wounds that have lowered your confidence.


July 9 Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn while the Sun is exactly conjoined the North Node. Something karmic is being paid or dealt. This is while Moon in Libra brings a balance of perspective to what’s ending and what’s beginning. There’s an opportunity to rise above past mistakes and relate to others in a new way.


July 11 Mars in Leo trines Chiron in Aries to help you address unresolved anger.


July 14 Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto and brings the whole truth to light about others. Emotional intensity strengthens relationships based on trust and respect. While imbalances create an emptiness that can’t be sustained.


July 16 Pluto conjoins the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon). You gotta be pragmatic about making a change that pulls your heart. You already know this is about your needs. Wherever they aren’t being met, let that go. You can more than handle whatever comes next.


July 19 Mercury retrograde returns to Cancer. Rethink and review what you can learn from the past, but stay grounded in the present.


July 21 Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and offers a release from people who only bring pain. The Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Relationships that share power prosper. Forgiving the past brings release. Focus on the growth and all is possible.


July 22 Sun enters Leo and continues the theme of confidence and aggression/assertion that will continue into August.


July 29 Sun in Leo squares Uranus and helps free you from any pride that might be getting in the way of your need for freedom.


July 31 Mercury stations direct with the Leo New Moon. Psychological self-analysis and relationship understanding give you the passion to start anew with more heart in your projects, ventures, and dynamics with others.


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