Another Side of Venus with the Taurus Full Moon

Taurus Full Moon on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT/4:45pm GMT


You’ve officially entered the mysteries of the 2018 Scorpio season with the Sun’s entry into Scorpio this morning. Scorpio, a water sign, navigates the depths of life by interpreting intense feelings.


Scorpio endures beyond normal mortal limitations.


Scorpio digs deep into hidden reserves to draw on inner strength for constant renewal. Scorpio must transform to exist.


Venus, the planet of love and money has been in Scorpio since September 10 and it’s been retrograde since October 5.


You’ve probably already experienced how this Venus retrograde transit has been working on what you value by amplifying your deepest feelings.


The Sun in Scorpio pushes emotions to transform your experience of fulfillment. You’re seeking more clues to understand the intensity that has surrounded and enveloped you.


When the Sun and Venus were in Libra, an air sign, you were more apt to rationalize your desires.


With the Sun and Venus now in Scorpio, the shadow elements are being washed into light for integration.


This Full Moon in Taurus is also ruled by Venus. Taurus offers a different side of Venus. Taurus, the Bull, is an earth sign.


Taurus values comfortable living and security. Taurus likes to be at ease and enjoy the creative bounty in nature and all of life.


But if Taurus is upset, it charges with all of its power to protect what’s important.


There’s a twist to this Full Moon. It’s right next to Uranus, the disruptor, energizer of innovation and unexpected change.


Uranus has been actively stirring the cauldron of worldwide shifts all through 2018.


Previously secure situations are spontaneously triggered with the position of Uranus with this Taurus Full Moon.


In response, you may witness the bullish side of Taurus in the week ahead. You may be wondering how you’ll create tangible security without compromising your comforts.


Up through Halloween, there may be some unexpected tricks or treats because Venus is moving to engage with the surprise of Uranus in opposition.


Anything can happen to show you what you need to see about yourself and the situations around you.


A Full Moon illumines the intentions set with the Libra New Moon. While you can explore the strengths and potentials with others, it’s important to make time to listen to your personal concerns.


But the secrets of Scorpio aren’t intended to be a solely solitary exploration. Scorpio opens the vault of your unspoken desires with others.


Whether casual or committed, all relationship exchanges offer a mirror of your deepest truth.


Scorpio shows how feelings evolve and transform.


What starts as uncomfortable, can ultimately become something much better. And what starts out as easy can reveal challenges to spark new growth.


Venus will continue to enlighten your heart with intimate exchanges, but everything will still be in flux with the pressure of Uranus.


Love and money can disappear quickly if you don’t pay attention.


You can have what you want but do you know what that is? The Leo and Aquarius Lunar Nodes create an exact grand fixed cross with this Taurus Full Moon. You’re at a crossroad.


Will you take a risk to achieve the freedom you want?


Somehow, this is a repeat of something that happened before and you missed an opportunity.


You have another perspective on it now. You’re not returning to the past, you’re creating something new with the lessons you’ve learned.


The strength of the Scorpio is in the passionate force. The strength of Taurus is in the creative solution.


Trust your feelings and use them to create what you need.


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