April’s Not Fooling: Karma Speaks

April begins with the Moon in Pisces. And for the first half of the month, there’s a strong Piscean influence.


Mercury is in Pisces until it enters Aries on April 16.


Mercury, the planet that influences your intellectual reasoning, is interpreting life from the spiritual heart of our connected existence.


Mercury is slowly moving forward after the March retrograde. It will conjoin mystical Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, just as it did on March 24, again on April 2.


Neptune has been illuminating the highest form of awareness and illusory deceptions for most of March and now into the first half of April.


Hopefully you’ve acclimated to it by now. You need the intuitive intelligence it’s teaching you.


The North and South Lunar Nodes are active this month. They aren’t planets, but the points of where the Moon’s orbit intersects the Sun’s path on the Earth.


These Nodes are useful in understanding what you’re developing in this life time, and what you were focused on in prior lifetimes.


As the Lunar Nodes transit through the sky, they simultaneously bring up areas we’re collectively growinginto and reflect where we have been.


From November 7, 2018 to May 5, 2020, the North Node is in Cancer and the South Node is in Capricorn.


Cancer North Node is offering an opportunity to become aware of the most vulnerable. Children, your home, your country, your inner world, your worst fears about oppression, and all areas of soul development are heightened during this time.


With Capricorn on the South Node, we are collectively reviewing where we have been: working hard, striving to meet goals, pushing outwardly for more, more, more.


With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and moving toward conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn, another way is being shown.


The first Solar Eclipse of 2019, on January 5, in Capricorn was the first indicator of what this means for you.


On April 4, Pluto, the potent truth discoverer, will conjoin the South Node in Capricorn and reveal what more you need to know about transforming what keeps you from nurturing your inner self.


Later in the month, Saturn will conjoin the South Node and continue the urgency to respond to what has to change.


April is the continuation of the transformative process you’ve already become aware of.


There is nothing to fear except your own attempt to mask or avoid your deepest truth.


Aries, initiates a new lunar phase of beginnings, with the April 5 New Moon.


With the Aries New Moon challenging Saturn and the North and South Nodes, you have to be mindful of aligning your inner rhythm with your physical existence.


Jupiter in Sagittarius turns retrograde on April 10 to help you explore the worlds within you for the next four months.


On the same day, Venus, exalted in the supreme awareness of Pisces, conjoins Neptune.

Love is the question and the answer.


I’m going to Matt Kahn’s Transformed by Love 3-day retreat here in Portland, OR on April 12 – 14. You too can nurture what the highest range of Pisces values mean for you.


You are not alone. Everyone is evolving.


With too many planetary reminders to list here, April continues the massive transformation that’s worldwide. Trust that I will keep you posted with the daily changes with my Instagram stories.


The Libra full Moon in the final degree of Aries on April 19, is a reminder of how Aries began with the Equinox Libra Supermoon. Two Libra Full Moons in one month is extraordinary!


Libra seeks balance and two is the number of cooperation. It brings full circle the understanding of how you are a unique personality in the relationship with all of life.


Anything that has interfered with your individuality or balanced exchange will fall away.


As the Sun leaves Mars-oriented Aries and enters the forms of Venus with the Sun in Taurus on April 20, Mars goes out-of-bounds and Venus carries the torch of individual action as it enters Aries.


Saturn in Capricorn stations retrograde on April 29 and meets the karmic South Node on April 30. Nurture the truth of what’s vital to your soul, and let go of the external “shoulds” to create a new reality. You can’t pretend something phony is genuine anymore.


Structural changes are unavoidable and increasingly common. Instead of resisting the adjustments, ask what’s the potential?


As you reflect on how these changes began, you can see the wisdom of the initial confusion.


As you’re pushed to purge artificial influences, listen to the purity of your intuitive body/mind.


You’re discovering a path you could never have imagined before. Just beyond your fears.


With all these changes, I’m here to shed light on how this affects your natal chart through transits and progressions.

As a gift to you, I’m offering 30-minute sessions for only $30 through the month of April! Schedule your time now.

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