Overcoming Fear with the Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon on Monday, February 4, at 1:03pm PST/4:03pm EST/9:03pm GMT


February is the shortest month of the year, but this one is long on a big push to break free of all types of limitations.


A new moon is a fresh beginning. This one offers a very special new opportunity with the Moon and Sun at 15° Aquarius.


The conjoined Moon and Sun are at the exact midpoint between the “form” of Saturn at 15° Capricorn and the “formlessness” of Neptune at 15° Pisces.


This Aquarius New Moon holds the seeds of your visionary intention setting to care for the needs of what it is to be a human being.


You’re becoming aware of a calling to help others with a growing compassion for those who suffer.


You want to translate your high ideals into practical form that makes a tangible difference.


While you are softened, you are strengthened.


Your will is deepened with a greater determination to transcend what has been blocking your unique self-expression.


With one foot in the practical realities of life and the other in the infinite possibilities of the universe, you’re emboldened to share your vision with others.


Security is in your awakening mind.


Personal and collective evolution is the message as you witness old forms breaking down.


This lunar cycle makes it clear that true freedom is not only about meeting your needs, but to also stand for others who don’t have the option to act for themselves.


You are being pushed. And this lunar month will open many doors for you. More than ever, this is a time to follow your visionary impulses and make things happen in your life.


Consider, how your ability to read these words, reflects your immunity to some of the desparate conditions in the world. You, unlike may others, have the freedom to express your power and independent thoughts..


If you want to make changes, this will be the month to get them going. This is an extraordinary time to be alive.


Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius is in a conjunction-like parallel with Pluto, indicating, this is an intensely karmic time.


This is a death of the old way and a rebirth of the new. You cannot continue as things are.


What you do now, could affect generations to come. What you choose to ignore, could affect millions.


Even if you feel you have no control over larger events or those in authority, Saturn and Pluto urge you to do your part.


You are set for a brand new month of awakening.


Uranus, Aquarius’ modern ruler enters the final, critical degree of Aries on Wednesday, February 6. This is the final push to awaken your courage before it moves into Taurus on March 6.


If you’re afraid of what’s next, look at it as an opportunity to prove you have the heart to courageously meet fear and discover true freedom.


By training your mind and heart to open to more, you become a beacon of light for others to do the same.


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