Aries Equinox Libra Supermoon of Mindful Relationships

Libra Full Moon on Wednesday/Thursday, March 20/21, 2019 at 6:42 pm PDT/9:42 pm EDT/1:42 am GMT


After two weeks of swimming in boundary-expanding realm of Pisces, you’ve advanced into new territory of interpersonal awareness.


As if to reward your patience for the obscure difficulties of the past weeks, this third supermoon full moon of 2019 occurs hours after the Aries Equinox (at 2:58 pm PDT/5: 58 pm EDT/9: 58 pm GMT). The balance of Libra is physically present with the equinox.


Around the world, daylight hours are equal to the nighttime darkness.


The promise of a new season begins with the Sun at °0 Aries opposite the Moon at °0 Libra. Aries’ “I am” is in tandem with Libra’s “I balance.”


Understanding your relationships through self-empowering awareness is the message of this Libra Full Moon.


Libra is ruled by Venus, currently in visionary Aquarius and about to square off with Mars, Aries’ ruler, in practical Taurus.


With astrology, a square requires integration. If only one dominates, then it’s only half of the potential whole.


Working together, Aquarius and Taurus can move mountains. But they have to combine their efforts to solve the problem.


The emphasis is on your sovereignty. Maybe you’ve allowed others to siphon your power for their security.


Chiron, the wounded healer, is very close to the brand new Sun in Aries. Chiron in Aries represents the search for your identity within a wound that you’ve held.


The powerful light of the Sun strenthens Chiron in Aries. Your will is emboldened to transcend your perceived limitations.


As the Moon in Libra opposes Sun and Chiron in Aries, it reflects a massive current of feeling to overcome unjust conditions.


And with individual growth, relationship dynamics change.


You don’t need what you wanted before. You’re more aware of how you lose yourself to others and what you need to do to hold your unique light.


More than ever, you’re willing to accept change. Like the promise of a bursting spring bud, you’re irrevocably birthing something new.


Even with the frustration and impetus for growth, there’s an intense desire to create something beautiful and harmonious.


Because ultimately the Libra Full Moon illumines the Venus in Aquarius vision.


Reality can be harsh. But it’s even worse if it’s ignored and allowed to destroy what’s healthy and thriving.


Mercury is still retrograde and ebbing closer to Neptune. Transcendent awareness of the greatest possible good is available if you choose to embrace it.


Peace is in upholding the greatest possibilities that serve the needs of everyone – and doesn’t sacrifice your truth.


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