August Forecast: Burning Optimism

Life is igniting a more generous perspective. August promises a positive difference.


Leo shows the light with a sequence of best possible alignments to give you a boost.


August begins with a push to create fulfillment. Venus in Leo urges to tend to your inner fire. Show yourself some self-love and take a calculated risk.


Small shifts build into more opportunities for personal, spiritual and material growth as the Sun in Leo aligns with the expansive perspective of Jupiter in Sagittarius, exact on August 7.


You’re increasingly ablaze as Venus in Leo adds to the love and feeling of joy as Venus and Jupiter align in one the best aspects in astrology on August 8.


All things are possible as expansive Jupiter stations direct, Mercury moves into Leo and innovative Uranus stations retrograde on August 11.


Since April 10 you’ve been taking stock of your personal patterns with Jupiter retrograde. You’ve become aware of what you can and cannot control so you can now move forward with the wisdom you’ve earned.


As Uranus stations retrograde, until January 2020, it is in harmony with the Moon and the Venus/Sun conjunction. This combination gives you the catalyst to make some changes in your life. It’s easier to open your mind to more love and disrupt old patterns.


All the struggles of the previous months have brought you to this point of awareness of beautiful understanding as Venus joins the Sun in Leo on August 13/14. Love is everything.


As your faith in life continues to grow, this is a good time to check in with your deepest needs.


Jupiter and Neptune have been testing reality all through 2019 and once Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019, you’ll want to be rooted in stable, well-thought-out plans, as bubbles pop and deflate unrealistic projections.


The fiery radiance of August opens your heart to create more of what serves you for the long term.


You’re building a fire that will continue to fuel you as the months turn to the more serious times.


August adds heat to fires that are already burning. And it will spark new ones.


You may be uncomfortable with the intensity. Allow it to transform your creative inspiration into whatever success means to you.


Opportunities like this don’t come around often. And when they come, it’s time to go all in.


The Aquarius Full Moon on August 15 illumines your intentions seeded with the Leo New Moon. It brightens your glory and right to be uniquely who you are. Ideas and developments emerge for you to express your individuality.


Mars enters Virgo on August 17 to implement ideas with diligent detail.


Your desire to make improvements is more focused as Venus enters Virgo on August 21.


And once the Sun enters Virgo, on August 23, the purifying Virgo season is on.


You’re solving problems with innovative thinking as the Virgo New Moon ends the month with hints about the future. Virgo will point to the work needed in order to properly tend your fire.


Make the most of August! It will be a month to remember.


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