August Forecast: Power to Make Great Changes

Time seems to be accelerating.


Information continues to spark new insights to ignite your projects. But there’s still more information to receive while more than half the planets in the solar system are retrograde.


Rest assured, your wait will be worth the added confidence August brings.


With Mars retrograde until August 27, the Earth and everything on it is under stress as Mars squares off with Uranus this evening to start the month (at 7:38pm PDT/10:38pm EDT/2:38am GMT).


2018 has three square-offs with Uranus.


In a normal year, Mars, your motivator to apply yourself, makes a disruptive angle with Uranus once a year. May 16, 2018 was the first and September 18, 2018 will be the last.


Just last Friday, the Aquarius Lunar eclipse was aligned with Mars retrograde on its way to meet up with Uranus. And August 11 holds a bonus final Leo Solar Eclipse of the year.


As a public person, Mars and Uranus represent the volatile and ever-shifting landscape of Donald Trump and his unpredictable power.


For you, it’s an influence to delimit your life and make some radical changes in perspective. It’s time for you to take a walk on the wild side, relative to what’s normal for you.


Whenever Uranus is involved, an unconventional perspective is accessible.


It’s aggressive, disruptive and defiant. It’s energy that can start a war or be channeled into inventive breakthroughs to totally reinvigorate your life.


But with Mars being retrograde, you cannot assert your will over another and expect a positive outcome.


August is time for big-picture thinking of the world and your own life. Your destiny is being created in these powerful moments of August.


Thinking long-term will save you from reacting to any number of short-lived dramas. This is a time of great personal insight and opportunity for awakening. Don’t assume anything. And look all ways before you step forward.


Pay attention this month.


August is an opportunity to make big changes in a powerfully direct way that doesn’t judge others. Here are some of the highlights to help you understand how this will unfold.


August 1 – Mars square Uranus – dynamic energy that can start a war or be channeled into extraordinary inventive breakthroughs to totally reinvigorate your life.


August 6 – Sun square Jupiter – conflicts between those who care deeply and those who care less.


August 7 – Uranus stations retrograde through January 6, 2019 – increases impatience with limitations, even if they’re self-imposed. There may be a problem in your relationship with what you value and how you value yourself. Directly expressing your needs is the simple powerful solution for the next 5 months.


August 11 – Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse. Igniting ideas that open your heart to blossom with your deepest truth.


August 18 – Mercury in Leo stations direct. Make creative plans and communicate more love to others.


August 22 – Sun enters Virgo and sharpens your mind and helps you discern what’s important.


August 27 – Mars stations direct. You’ve learned lifetimes of information about who you are in these past two months. Forge ahead with what you know!


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