Being the Beacon of Light with the Last Quarter Moon in Leo

Last Quarter Moon in Leo at 12:36pm PST/3:36pm EST/8:36pm GMT


In this final phase of the darkening Moon, life continues to give you cues for adjustment.


The Sun in Scorpio has been flaring brilliantly over the past week with solar flares to push deeper into what’s real for you. Somehow, you’re evolving.


Instead of living a life where you hold back because it could all end soon, you’re facing the inevitable and asking, what more can I give?


Moon in Leo, is a bit of a wet lion with the Sun, Venus and expansive Jupiter in the depths of Scorpio. But Leo always brings the courage of your still beating heart.


There’s no royal celebration happening. It’s a time of reconfiguration with the concurrent final Saturn/Uranus trine. Order is forming out of the chaos.


And the secrets are coming to the surface with the relentless probe of Scorpio intensity. Loyal Scorpio won’t step aside until the whole truth is revealed.


Leo isn’t easy with Scorpio. Yet the two demonstrate how strong forces can work together to bring sense in a crazy time. With love and truth all things are possible.


Cycles unceasingly move us along. For the past 10 years Uranus and Pluto have been forcing the disruption of the established ways of living. These transpersonal planets, that also include Neptune, are the signals of awakening consciousness.


Saturn, the serious disciplinarian, has been supporting the integration of what would have seemed impossible with the influence of radical Uranus. With the final aspect of Saturn and Uranus, shortly after this Last Quarter Moon, you may see how another adjustment is necessary to move with the changes needed.


With bountiful Jupiter in Scorpio, the best qualities of the shrewd Scorpion are coming to the fore. The more you trust yourself to open to your deepest emotions, the more you can connect with something greater than yourself.


Your higher powers are more easily accessed by welcoming the intensity of life and the opportunity to move with this powerful transformative energy.


All around you events are reflecting how guarded secrets are bubbling to the surface and replacing false entitlement with the sordid truth.


With Venus in Scorpio, you want to go deeper in relationships and how life sustains you. Mars, the planet of how you apply your energy will also move into Scorpio soon. Before that, the warrior planet, still in Libra, wants to change the balance of power.


The intensity is here through the end of the year. So fess up and be honest, because the whole truth is coming to light.


Like the lighthouse, how do you shine to guide others who are lost?  Can you see the big picture of how you’ve been transforming your life since 2007? What else needs adjustment?


Continue to deepen your trust and self-love. This final week of the Libra New Moon cycle will share more about how to find true justice and balance.


Learn more about what motivates you and how you can align your desires with perfect timing.

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