Best of Difficult Times with the Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon at 8° Leo on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 8:11pm PDT/11:11pm EDT/3:11am GMT


Leo, the regal Lion, lives from the heart.


Venus in Leo, so close to this Leo New Moon, continues to raise your confidence and pump the beat of your heart’s desire.


The tender sensitivity of Cancer is on the ebb as Mercury, in the sign of the Moon, stations direct within the hour of the Leo New Moon.


Your thoughts begin to flow faster as the passionate fire of Leo dries up your tears.


Living and thriving in extraordinary times requires your full participation.


More than ever, you have the power to tap into your deepest needs and identify what you need to create the fulfillment you desire.


You’re rising to the occasion with all that you’ve got.


New Moons are the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It’s a powerful time to set intentions. The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars in Leo amplify the creative resolutions you express from your true heart.


Leo isn’t all about looking good and entertaining others with their ability to warm up the room. The Lion brings lessons on how to access your full life vitality.


Leo is about the soul’s return to learn about love.


Cancer teaches the power of emotional sensations and the feelings of love with all that is family, friends, and community.


And Leo brings the magic of the creative power of love.


Leo passionately yearns for more. The energy of the Leo Sun is illuminating the miracle that you are.


So what do you want?


Does your answer capture what’s buried deep in your heart? Your initial answer is a strong clue, but it’s probably just the tip of it.


Whatever you answered, ask about the root of that. Ultimately your questioning will return you to your deepest need for love.


For example, if you say you want freedom. Why? Maybe so that you can do what you want when you want.


But what lies under that could be the desire to be free, without self-restraint, to be wholly you.


Instead of being focused on the money, the work that brings the money, which in theory brings the freedom, your most powerful focus happens when you’re ambitious to satisfy your heart.


Your heart was your first organ.


And like a child, you’re still growing. You’re alive with the creative force of life.


Self-awareness is important as you begin this Leo lunar month and final calendar month of the season.


The fires of life burn bright in August.


I’ll break down the month in the next post. What’s important to know is Saturn, the karmic heavyweight is hovering with serious messages throughout the month.


Pay attention to how you can heal and transform your karma.


If everyone looked within and recognized the true light of who they are, wouldn’t the world be a different place to live?


Connect with your heart and you’ll connect with all the dimensions of life that support your deepest longing.


Your courage is magnetic.


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