Certain Fate of the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 2:38pm PDT/5:38pm EDT/9:38pm GMT


A certain fate comes to light with this Capricorn Full Moon.


Your consciousness is awakening. More is being revealed to support what you’re ready to understand.


Eclipses reveal new information and this one involves Pluto at work in breaking down barriers to expose dysfunction that has to be corrected.


Eclipses are formed by the mathematical point of the lunar nodes which indicate what you’re learning about and what lessons from the past you’re bringing into the future.


The humiliation of the United States is currently the focal point for the world.


Its natal Pluto has returned from one full circle around the Sun. And with it, the expansive networking energy of Jupiter, the United States’ Sagittarius ascendant ruler, to blast the truth and influence all of humanity with many teachable moments.


President Trump’s bigotry is nothing new.


The unfortunate truth is the U.S. has been guilty of discrimination since its founding fathers declared “all men are created equal.”


With the Pluto conjoined the Moon in Capricorn as the Earth’s shadow eclipses the reflective light of the Cancer Sun, there’s a potent fusion of purposeful transformation being generated from these two dedicated signs.


The cosmic parents of the zodiac want you to know you have the power to make a difference.


Throughout 2019, the lunar nodes in Cancer and Capricorn have been pushing your emotional power to nurture what has meaning for you.


Your life experiences have taught you a lot about people and how to hold the line with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on the south lunar node.


Both Cancer and Capricorn share the common value of deeply held determination toward their respective goals.


Cancer brings the nurturing fuel with a desire for security to all that represents family and Capricorn brings the structure to hold the energy with assertive influence.


You may be feeling some anxious anticipation about what’s evolving in your life.


You’ve got a hint of what’s changing. And you’re eager to make the best of what you have to accept.


You’re not alone. Powerful changes are rippling around the world.


You could be facing life transitions that involve major changes that force you to rethink your future path.


Your daily life may need to be uprooted.


As Saturn and Pluto move closer to the conjunction in January 2020, the United States will be working on becoming whole.


Since it’s apparent there are a certain number of people who actually like President Trump, you may question how this will be possible.


You may wonder how you can reconcile with the deep divides and other details in your life that are contrary to what you want.


This Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse adds power to a series of oppositions that began with the Sun opposite Saturn on July 9.


You saw the signs as the Sun opposed Pluto on July 14. This will continue as Venus opposes Saturn on July 17 and Venus opposes Pluto on July 21.


Oppositions create an opportunity to learn from the projections of love and hate outside of you.


In reality, you are all of this.


True peace within and in the world will happen in proportion to your acceptance of the magnificence of who you are.


As the oppositions continue after this transformative eclipse, the actors of life continue to reflect your power and authority.


You feel the weight of responsibility. But you have a choice in how you respond.


Look within and ask how you can adjust your self-acceptance in the light of the turmoil around you.


Will you trust that you’re enough?


With Pluto so close to this Moon in Capricorn, its ruler Saturn, and the South Node, the commitments you’ve made may have to change, as you see the signs of what’s coming.


Life is bittersweet. Doors are closing and new opportunities are opening in your personal life and on the world stage.


Potent Pluto falls right on Trump’s vertex in this Lunar Eclipse, opposite his Saturn. He too is feeling the fate of karmic destiny as it restructures his life.


There’s time for you to assimilate all of this with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto still retrograde.


But there’s pressure to turn toward the inevitable and create the best outcome based on what you know to be true.


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