Change Your Story About Love with the Leo Lunar Eclipse

Supermoon Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018 at 5:26am PST/8:26am EST/1:26pm GMT


The second Super Full Moon of January 2018 ripens in Leo as it’s eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth and creates a red glow and “blue” Moon of the month.


This supermoon won’t be as close as the January 1, 2018 Full Moon, but it’s considered a rare event, since the last time a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse happened in the same month was 152 years ago – but only because of the Gregorian calendar we’ve collectively agreed to use for the past 436 years.


Eclipses are predictable because of how the invisible lunar nodes rotate and create lunar and solar eclipses on the axis of the two transiting signs. A lunar eclipse is always followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon. Each Lunar Eclipse acts as fulfillment and preparation for a new cycle of understanding.


Ever since the north node moved into Leo in May 2017, the Leo/Aquarius axis has been activated to awaken you to live from your authentic heart.


Every lunar phase is predictive by studying the relationships of the planets involved with the Moon. Eclipses are especially important events because the nodes are related to your purpose in life and what you are learning about at this time.


This Supermoon in Leo will be exactly conjoined Ceres, the largest dwarf planet in our solar system. Ceres was the first asteroid discovered (1801) and it’s so big, it’s become round from the force of its own gravity.


Ceres, considered the Earth mother, teacher and educator of all Earth’s dependents, is exactly conjoined the creative influence of the heartfelt Moon in Leo.


You may notice your “gut” feelings about some concerns you have. You may be witnessing the painful effect of low self-esteem on yourself and others, and with that, some fear of how you’ll create the abundance of love you deserve and are capable of creating.


Your head may feel like a safe place to be. But your heart won’t be at peace with your thoughts until you can be fully present with all the underlying information that’s a vital part of your experience.


Ceres is your creative instinct to rise with the brilliant shining heart of the courageous Leo Moon to create something even better.


The intellectual air of Sun in Aquarius sees the truth of what is. But true healing will only take place by discovering the root of your pain.


Release the chatter of your mind and feel deep within to the places where you separate yourself from the whole. Where do you judge and abandon yourself? Where did you learn to do that?


As the North Node in Leo opens your heart, the light of love shines on what isn’t love.


Shadows bring the truth to light. The Earth’s eclipsing shadow blocks the light of the Sun off the reflective Moon that’s so close to the Earth and helps you reset your spiritual compass.


Your unique spark of light is like no other. With the free-thinking love of Venus in Aquarius close to Juno, dwarf-planet of partner commitment, you want a different kind of love. An Aquarian, all-inclusive type of love. Collective love and all-empowering self-love.


Your personal story is a powerful reflector and shaper of your destiny.


Ceres, Juno and Venus focus on relationships. Ceres, Juno and Venus require a link to share their meaning, whereas other planets act on their own. You aren’t alone. If you feel alone, reach out to someone to share what’s going on with you and hear how they’re doing.


The last Leo Lunar eclipse occurred on February 11, 2017 and included the influence of Eris, a more individualistic feminine warrior energy that reflected the wave of feminine perspective that flowed into 2018.


But this current Leo Lunar Eclipse puts an emphasis on both Ceres and Juno, and points to how conversations about women and their roles has evolved to include a commitment to what nurtures a healthy life on Earth.


Women are breaking out of long-held stereotypes while men may be finding it’s difficult to suppress their feminine feelings. The feminine and all people (both ruled by the Moon) are aglow with the essence of the fierce leonine heart that still has some roaring to do.


Ways You To Expand and Feel the Love in Your Life:

  1. Reflect on all the qualities and expressions you appreciate in yourself and others.
  2. Create a daily practice of sharing your appreciation with yourself and what you notice in others.You could do this in front of a mirror, in a journal, and with whoever sparks your light.
  3. Hold the feelings of appreciation for as long as you can.


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