Clearing the Fog with the First Quarter Moon in Pisces

First Quarter Moon in Pisces at 3:49am PST/6:49am EST on Saturday, December 15, 2018


The mysterious nature of Moon in Pisces squares with the forthright fire of the Sun in Sagittarius and provokes an internal crisis.


So much of Pisces, ruled by nebulous Neptune, governor of medicine, oceans, and oil, is under the radar and not seen.


Dissolve or give more of oneself, is the quandary of Moon in Pisces.  It’s nature is artistic, idealistic and altruistic.


This is how Pisces becomes a martyr. 


Sun in Sagittarius, empowered by its expansive ruler Jupiter, also in Sagittarius, can be overconfident and ignore any the visions of others.


A conflict of reality marks this quarter Moon, influenced by Jupiter and Neptune. It will continue to be a theme in the new year as Jupiter and Neptune, square off in January, June, and September of 2019.


You don’t need to suffer. You can learn to recognize the elements Jupiter and Neptune. Take a look at the news.


Related to Neptune, on Friday, a United States Federal judge ruled the entire Obama health-care law is unconstitutional.


If the ruling stands, it would create widespread disruption across the U.S. health-care system.  Deception abounds while other humanitarian crises grow.


While Jupiter continues to keep the world economies strong, there’s a trend toward exaggerated self-importance and overconfidence. 


Over-optimism creates complacency.  The shock of the discovering what’s really been going on, can lead to a crisis of consciousness.


Ask questions to dispell the illusions.


You’re in the second week of a waxing lunar cycle from the Sagittarius New Moon. You’re feeling the visionary boost of Jupiter, but are you attending to the details?


In this last week of Sun in Sagittarius, consider your resources and what you really have to spend. 


The Winter Solstice with the Sun’s entry into Capricorn this week will deepen your intuition and help you make calculated risks. 


Meanwhile, envision the best, and create it with what you have.


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