Courage to Be a Star with the Leo Solar Eclipse

Partial Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse, Saturday, August 11, 2018, at 2:57am PDT/5:57am EDT/9:57am GMT


For the third time in 2018, the Moon eclipses the Sun. The Leo Sun and Moon unite and pull at the core of the Earth to create a new cycle of beginning. You may feel wobbly and vulnerable, yet this cosmic bonus is an opportunity to stand stronger and find new ways to integrate the energy of Leo the Lion into your life.


Personal courage is like the Sun. Too much and it burns everyone. Just enough and everything thrives happily. And without the Sun, the power leaves with the light. Courage, like the Sun, is important for your vitality on Earth.


We are all children of the Sun. And Leo, the sign that represents the Sun, children, and the heart, shines to share the creative potential of being focused on holding the flame of love within. We are all Leos at heart because we cannot live without the Sun.


The challenge of working with the energy of the Sun is to not get burned. Everything seems to be on fire right now. Some of it is unavoidable. The social fires of the world may have their origin with too much focus on personal ambition that detracts from circulating love in a shared humanitarian context.


When the power of Leo is focused on creative ideas to lift others out of darkness, then the solar force of Leo is doing its true work.


How can you cultivate a confident inner Leo glow? Leo begins with a focus on the self. As a fixed fire sign, Leo creates and uses the flame to transform, purify, and passionately grow as a star. The challenge of Leo is to not identify with being a star that everyone revolves around, but as a star among many other beautiful stars in the sky.


Wherever this 18° Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in your chart, your personal leadership is coming alive.


Conjoined the Sun and Moon in Leo, with retrograde Mercury in Leo a few degrees away, sits dwarf-planet Pallas Athene, goddess of wisdom. Pallas reflects how you understand the patterns of life.


Sitting at the top of my natal chart and supported by my Sun, Pallas demonstrates how I’m known for interpreting symbols, patterns and intuitive messages with the intention to heal universal suffering.


Pallas, being so closely aligned with this regal Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse supports your creative intelligence. How do you want to plant new seeds in this cycle that design the heart of your individual expression?


When under stress from a challenging planet, Pallas reflects the fears that suppress fertile ideas.


While Pallas exemplifies self-confidence and courage, like the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo, they are at an awkward angle with Pluto and Neptune. Social injustice and deception are the influences to purify while this Leo Solar Eclipse is active over the next 6 months.


The recent Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 12/13 presented a 6-month opportunity to bring the hidden areas of your life to light that have needed consideration.


This potent Leo Eclipse brings attention to the root of your unconsciousness. What do you want to understand that you haven’t been able to see? This next 6-month cycle completes the message of the Cancer Solar Eclipse and the long Aquarius Lunar Eclipse with information on how to bring more of your courage to light.


The world is your creative canvas. Your unique personal energy lights your charismatic appeal when you use it. How do you want to show up and be seen? Imitating someone else’s inspiration won’t work. You have your own personal appeal to share.


This current Leo Solar Eclipse helps you turn on the light of courage to do more of you. Discovering new information catalyzes you to adjust your perspective on something that’s been unknowable until now.


With Pallas Athene closely aligned in this eclipse, you are encouraged to boldly intend to create and control your reality. And you have an opportunity to align with those who need another star to shine next to them and hold your powerful light.


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