Create Your Reality with the Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn New Moon, January 16/17, 2018 at 6:17pm PST/9:17pm EST/12:17am GMT


A potent stellium of six planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto) in practical Capricorn cluster with this new lunar cycle to ask how you actively serve in the world. Your career, your ambitions, how you stand in life and mentor others, are the lessons of this new lunar month.


Capricorn is determined to succeed through a campaign of sustained progress.


As the third and final earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, influences all the treasures and service connected to the Earth. Conscientious and serious, Capricorn is hard working, punctual and reliable. Determined and extremely independent, when set on a task, Capricorn doesn’t quit until the objective is achieved.


This Capricorn New Moon is one of the most concentrated Capricorn-themed new cycles in a while. Pluto, has been in Capricorn since 2008 (before that, 1762-1778), but prior to this, Saturn hasn’t been in Capricorn since early 1991. You are being challenged to take your life very seriously.


Like the weight of anything important, this is a heavy time. You may be hard on yourself and wonder how you’ll ever succeed. Choose to make this is a highly productive time to work on and overcome your self-doubts.


There are infinite realities.


Absorb the freedom of this statement. Saturn crystallizes just as your thoughts affect your material world. Maybe you’ve heard of Dr. Masaro Emoto, a Japanese researcher who spent much of his career focused on the study of water and the molecular changes that occur within water as it crystalizes.


Mr. Emoto wanted to know if human intention could change the molecular structure of water. Amazingly, he found that the applied positive focus of gratitude and peace formed the most beautiful symmetrical shapes, whereas negative intentions turned them into irregular, rugged-looking crystals.


You are mostly made of water.

You decide what life you want to live with your every thought. You are energy that has the power to shape and reshape your life. Your potential health, wealth and happiness are within you.


The Saturn Return, which occurs around age 29 for the first go round and again, 29 years later for the second, represents the results of how well you’ve crystallized into a mature human.


Saturn-ruled Capricorn doesn’t accept excuses. The lessons of Capricorn point to your own internal errors so that you concentrate on what it means to be a soul embodied within the limitations of your flesh.


Capricorn teaches how to be an evolved human through restriction and responsible action.


The foundation of your character is built on overcoming challenges. When you believe in yourself and don’t depend on others to satisfy your needs, you reconnect with your inner authority.


Capricorn requires time and solitude to cultivate interests. If your energy is diffused with interests outside your own, then you may become gripped with fear to bring you back to your own unique desires. Look at fear as a false intention.


Don’t waste your time by taking on the ambitions of others. This powerful New Moon is flanked by support from wounded healer Chiron in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio to encourage you to take on projects that heal long-dysfunctioning areas of your life for magnificent tangible results.


While this marks a sober time of concentrated effort, this is actually the way it’s always been.


Notice what you think and speak in conversations about your experiences of the day, about the world, criticism about jobs, co-workers, family, government, world leaders, war, crime, disease and hard times. This Moon marks a time to love who you are. It’s a call to heal your life and transform your world.


Saturn is a bridge to higher worlds.


By accepting the need for self-discipline and being clear about how your work impacts the community around you, your fears will dissolve and illumine your greatest work.


Be determined to achieve success in the best possible ways.


Whatever you center your attention upon with your steady, deliberate thoughts, feelings and expectations, will form the experiences of your life.


Practice this and your life will become easier. Use this time to add to your list of tangible and intangible goals you want to see evidence of. Then review these goals, at the beginning and end of every day. If you take this on, you will not fail.


Are you ready? Let’s do this and make the world a better place to be!


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