Creating Peace with the Libra New Moon

Libra New Moon on October 8/9, 2018 at 8:47pm PDT/11:47 EDT/3:47am GMT


Libra wants balance. Libra, being the scales, is the only symbol of the zodiac that’s a tool for weighing something in relation to another.


Venus, now retrograde in Scorpio, influences the even-keel nature of Libra.


The first phase of Venus retrograde reveals where you’ve rushed to judgment. Passionate Venus in Scorpio sees the truth but is stubborn about convictions.


In my recent post about October and the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer and the Venus return, I was wrong about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.


There was no reason for me to risk making the statement. It was my passion for an alternate outcome that pushed me to make my prediction.


I still assert the story isn’t done, but my mistake reflects the deeper underpinnings of what we all desire while Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. You want what you want. Even if it’s not going to happen at the moment.


Venus in Scorpio doesn’t tolerate superficial outcomes.


Scorpio has deep willpower that will endure the time it takes for Libra to bring the truth to justice. As the planets change, people change, especially during a Venus retrograde. You may want something different, but to know what that is, you may want to share it with another.


A simple conversation.


How you express yourself is reflected in your exchanges with others. Notice how you’re paying more attention to how you feel around each person in your life. And they’re noticing you too!


Out of a polarized time comes the potential for union and community.


It’s the “medicine” to balance controversy. Once someone is your friend, it’s easier to find a holistic solution.


With the Sun in the impartial balance of Libra, moving to an awkward angle with the deep structural shifts of Pluto in earth- climbing Capricorn midweek, just after Venus retro in Scorpio puts the urge to be above emotion (Mars in Aquarius) into a reality-check, talk to another about what matters to you, even if you’re only talking to the deepest depths of yourself.


This is the time to bring fresh air to old concerns.


There’s a lot of information beneath the surface that’s bubbling up with the concurrent possible increase of seismic activity this week.


Amid the possible dramatic unfolding events in the world, what matters most for you in this new lunar cycle, are the connections you create with others and how you feel around them.


You may be recognizing the give and take necessary to cultivate harmony in your relationships, while also affirming a commitment to express your unique self and what’s important to you.


Focus on the relationships that give you sweet satisfaction. How you can create more synchronous exchanges with others?


Like the autumn winds, a gust pushes you in a new direction that can take you aloft with an infinite perspective.


Shared ideas and time will nourish your soul. Creative possibilities shed light on someone or something you may be rediscovering.


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