Cut Into the Juicy Truth with the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

Last Quarter Moon of Juicy Truth – December 9/10 at 11:51pm PST/2:51am EST/7:51am GMT


Last Quarter Moon in meticulous Virgo nudges you to develop a more discerning attitude. So much needs to be reined in to digest the underlying implications.


Amid the confusion, you’re more confident in your own process to improve the quality of your life. And interpret your carefree adventures with what you really value.


Your resources and your heart are still surging springs of desire.


Mars moved into Scorpio on Saturday to add more push to get to the essence of what thrives below the surface.


New ideas rise with surprising clarity. Capture them somehow so they aren’t forgotten.


When Mercury moves forward on December 22 and Uranus on January 2, you’ll have greater trust in flowing with the positive inspiration of this stream of consciousness as your insights progress with this same Mercury/Uranus trine on January 6.


For now, this Last Quarter Moon catalyzes the final week of a waning, releasing moon to complete the Scorpio New Moon cycle that began on November 18.


Back then you knew you were going deeper.


You just had no clue it was going to be like this. Your feelings are revealing what hasn’t been healed.


This final lunar “crisis” of this Scorpio lunar phase gives you the will of the Scorpion to accept what can’t be restored. And evolve with what is transforming.


Mostly, you’re on your own this week. The questions you have are so deeply personal you may not have even articulated them yet.


Change is constant. Let go and make room for the adventures of the Sagittarius New Moon that will begin the final lunar cycle of 2017 next Sunday, December 17.


Sagittarius is the fire of your inner light.


Revealing your light may feel haphazard and wobbly now with so much challenging your beliefs.


Even though the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in the enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius, it’s a changeable sign. Sagittarius is like the energy of a wildfire. You don’t know where it will go next.


The nebulous fog of Neptune has been restraining the freedom of Sagittarius with some sad realities.


Maybe your feet hurt. Maybe you’re weary from all that’s going on in the world. Maybe the past year feels like a tragic mess.


And even with all your woe, you may be having a good laugh at how crazily the truth has been revealed.


As swiftly as the Earth turns, all this will pass to reveal the firm ground that supports you. Your mission this week is to experiment with the boundaries that give you the skin to hold and recognize the juice that is uniquely you.


Exercise for the week: Where have you felt crowded? Are you ready to create more time and space for that this week? Where will you need to be firm and clear?