Deep Spring Cleaning with Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon on Saturday, March 31, at 5:37am PDT/8:37am EDT/12:37pm GMT


Full Moons always bring more into view. This full bright orb of the Moon reflects the Sun’s light in a way that illumines the connections you have with life.


Ever striving to judge the correct balance, the Libra Moon begins a two-week phase of the waning Moon and a time to get clear about what’s blocking your satisfaction in life.


You’ll be ready to begin again with the Aries New Moon on April 15/16, the same day Mercury, the communicator, starts moving forward after its retrograde retreat.


Before you commit to your revolutionary courageous creative projects at that time, you’ll need to do some seasonal cleaning.


Sun in Aries burst headfirst on to the scene on March 20 and its ruler Mars moved into Capricorn a few hours later. This action-oriented duo got to work on sizing up your situations to determine what’s been holding you back from being where you want to be?


A new two-year cycle of bringing your true desires into reality begins as Mars in Capricorn conjoins Saturn on April 2.


It’s time to go after what you really want. But before you can take your foot off the brake and accelerate in that direction, you’re getting new information about what’s realistically required to make that happen.


Venus, planet of art, beauty, love and how you create more abundance, moves into Taurus, shortly before this Libra Full Moon. Both Libra and Taurus are influenced by Venus.


The Libra expression of Venus is more about intimate interactions and finding balance in the partnerships you are committed to and investing your time in. The Taurus expression of Venus connects you to the material abundance of the world and the sensual blessings of what you have and what you want to create.


What you desire (Venus) and how you apply yourself (Mars) to materialize your desires is brought into focus with the light of this Moon.


The “I” in Aries Sun is changed by relating to the receptive “You” of the Libra Moon. I see you and you see me. Together, we see us.


Unfolding on your cosmic table is a full look your current relationship with yourself, your significant other(s) and all the tangible enjoyments you want access to in this world.


The Piscean dream that began with the New Moon on March 17 has been cleansed by the Aries fires that have burned away some of your misperceptions to reveal more of the whole picture. You may feel uncomfortable realizing the truth of how naive you’ve been.


But you needed this to understand your participation in your pain. If you’re feeling betrayed, how have you betrayed yourself? If you feel stuck, do you see a different approach?


Balanced and thoughtful action will take you to the next steps.


Hold what you want to preserve and let go of what needs to be discarded and you’ll begin a powerful two-year phase of actualizing what matters most to you.


You may feel how your life is incredibly challenging right now. But the pressure is pushing the truth like fresh flowers sprouting in spring. Keep going and all will be answered.


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