Defining Your Truth with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini

First Quarter Moon at 23°Gemini on Wednesday morning at 3:27am PDT/6:27am EDT/10:27am GMT


With the Sun close to Mercury retrograde in the mystical realms of Pisces, you’re reconsidering the possibilities for yourself.


You’re willing to move beyond conventional wisdom.


The curiosity of the Gemini Moon is emboldened by Jupiter to take a risk and explore all the growth you can imagine.


This waxing First Quarter Moon in Gemini is an awakening call to find your own way.


Pisces and Neptune are enlightening your evolving higher self.


While Pluto and Eris assure changes are in motion. You have the power to transform disappointments and find freedom from old patterns that have controlled you.


The solid strength of Mars and Saturn deepen your concentration.


You are in control of your will to overcome your unconscious fears and better understand yourself and others.


You’re empowered to shed old ways that haven’t served you and continue exploring new information as it comes to light.


You’re guided out of your comfort zone with the promise it will be better than trying to stick to habitual living.


Tremendous growth is activated in this week leading to the 0° Libra Full Moon when the Sun enters Aries and marks the Spring Equinox on March 20.


Balance is found as you define your needs and what supports you.


In the week of the First Quarter Moon in the facile Gemini twins, the truth isn’t clear or straight-forward.


As you strengthen in this psycho-spiritual lunar month, you’re opening to your whole story. You’re exploring the art of being fully honest with yourself.


Protected by what you know to be true, you’re empowered to push forward with new beginnings when the Sun enters Aries.


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