Distill the Craziness with the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:53am PST/10:53am GMT/3:53pm GMT


Unexplored feelings intensify as the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio brings a sting for you to look deeper and evolve with the circumstances that challenge you.


You’re being cool about what hasn’t advanced as expected since the Capricorn New Moon but you’re not at ease.


Scorpio tends toward paranoia and distrust when uncomfortable. And the discomfort won’t immediately improve as intriguing suspicions may be adding up. The Last Quarter Moon between Scorpio and Aquarius brings out the tension between instinct and potential.


With the Moon in Scorpio, think about the Scorpion, the oldest surviving land animal on Earth.


It isn’t the large meter-long scorpion-like creature that emerged from the sea 350 million years ago. But for the last 100 million years Scorpions haven’t changed. And they aren’t about to anytime soon. Scorpions have survived by using their power.


To thrive and survive these wild, uncertain times with accelerating confusion (transiting Neptune is closely conjoined the progressed Sun of the United States), you’re urged to return again and again to your persistent truth. Scorpio wants control over others. Aquarius wants the freedom of intellectual connection.


Astrology helps to look at the symbolism in life as an opportunity to grow.


In this last week of the Capricorn lunar cycle that began January 16, the current transits of Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Aquarius encourage freedom and innovative thought to solve the entanglements that the Moon in Scorpio may have you simmering on.


Change is disorienting. Collectively and personally we’re evolving. Yet there’s still more to understand.


The hum of daily life won’t have the answers for you right now. Strive to address your habitual thoughts before the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15. Aquarius rises above it all to envision the radical possibilities.


The Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Sun can bring up psychological dramas that persist no matter how you try to change others; unexpected weather disruptions; people who become ill and affect the lives of others; and dictators who try to quiet those who dare speak the truth. Whatever you’re going through, resist the temptation to fear it and continue to direct your attention to love.


Let go of what of what you can’t control and open to your most innovative self.


You began this lunar month knowing you were going to learn about the serious, undaunted, independent push of Capricorn to create a different reality. In this final week, you’re learning how only you can hold you back from where you want to go.


Use Mind Mapping to help you manifest your Capricorn New Moon goals:

  1. Reflect on the goals you set up at the beginning of 2018.
  2. Chose one of your goals and put it in a circle in the center of a piece of paper.
  3. Create circles outside of that goal with the major categories you’ll need to accomplish that goal.
  4. Draw spokes out of these smaller circles representing the major categories and write out all the steps you’ll take to get them done.
  5. Now you have a list of actionable items to put on your schedule to achieve that goal!


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