Distilling the Dream with the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces on June 6 at 11:32am PDT/2:32pm EDT/6:32pm GMT


So much information to process on multiple levels with trickster Mercury conjoining the Sun in Gemini, while an undercurrent of less articulate feelings arise with this Last Quarter Moon in Pisces.


This Moon affects your emotional body with feelings that are releasing on this waning final phase of the lunar cycle that began with the fertile Taurus New Moon on May 15.


No matter how well you’ve been advancing with your abundant expectations for this Taurus lunar cycle, you can’t control the challenges that happen outside of you. June is a month of adjusting to the shifts in cosmic weather.


Growth happens when you respond to something new. Whether it is the ease of smelling the scent of a blossoming rose or the interference of something unexpected, new information catalyzes different responses and revised needs.


With the Moon in Pisces as a catalyst for growth, your evolution won’t be tangible, it’ll be spiritual. “Reality” may feel harsh, and it may be hard to keep boundaries of separation from the madness of the world with the Moon awash in the sign of the fish.


The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces brings you beyond your personal needs so that you feel the collective humanity around you.


Just after the Last Quarter Moon, Neptune, ruler of Pisces, squares (90° angle) the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, and clouds any quick or clear response you might have been looking for today.


Pisces reminds us that there’s more to life than the information that overloads the mind and heart at this time. Selfless compassion is the Pisces balm that will open your heart and soothe your soul.


This may feel like a microphase of soul torment. You want a vital and interesting life, as Gemini inspires, but you may feel saddened by something that’s clouded your clarity.


The confusion will lift as the Moon moves into Aries (at 2:26pm PDT/5:26pm EDT/9:26pm EDT) on Thursday, June 7. Yet the effect of this quarter Moon will linger to remind you of the unexplored dimensions of your thoughts and feelings.


Your soul whispers to you. Listen and reflect on what’s coming through for you. If it’s awful and it doesn’t make any sense, reach out to me or someone who can guide you in understanding more about who you are.


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