Empowered with the Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon on Saturday May 18, 2019 at 2:11pm PDT/5:11pm EDT/9:11pm GMT


Physicality gives perspective. What you experience is clear and present on your mind.


The full-throated strength of Taurus is strengthening you to identify the undeniable truth that’s being illumined by the Full Moon in Scorpio.


Scorpio is known for holding secrets. But with Mercury, the planet that influences the mind so close to the Sun in Taurus, you’re pulled to examine what’s been in the dark.


Every Full Moon brings you clarity about what you want in the life structures around you. Two weeks have passed since the New Moon, and you have a new perspective.


When you look around you, there’s so much confusion in the world. You can’t wholly trust what you see and hear, but you can hold what you feel and know within.


Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, and mythical representative of the underworld is in the full light of the reflective Moon.


There’s a strong desire to control your destiny and not be controlled by others.


Relationships with a foundation of mutual trust strengthen.


If it feels right, you can openly share your deepest self with another.


Intimacy can transform the secrets you’ve protected out of fear and shame, into an opportunity to love yourself and another more deeply.


And there are also powerful conversations to have with yourself.


More than ever, it’s a potent time to release thoughts and conditioning that you now know are limiting your full self-realization.


Both Taurus and Scorpio share a deep-rooted need for security, but this Scorpio Full Moon offers a twist.


You can become more secure by disrupting the way things have been and standing for what you value.


Feminine power is changing the conversation.


Nine of the ten major objects in our solar system are currently in feminine signs. Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn.


It’s emphasizing the internal awareness that’s within everyone.


Adding to that, Mercury in Taurus is in creative alignment with Eris, the feminine badass dwarf-planet that bumped Pluto from being the farthest planet.


With the aligned feminine warrior energy of Eris, this Full Moon invigorates your mind to probe the depths of what’s going on within and around you. You’re finding the words to articulate your radical point of view.


You may feel compelled to share the gift of what arises in powerful expression to serve the world around you.


With the stable strength of Taurus, you’re turning on the light to the hidden elements of your psyche.


Talking about what used to be taboo changes the power of long-held collective pain.


Venus, the planet of all that you love, and ruler of Taurus, is in the strength of Taurus. And it’s in close conjunction with the non-conforming freedom of Uranus. Venus and Uranus are also in creative aspect to Lilith, currently in Pisces.


Dark Moon Lilith isn’t an object. It’s a point derived from the position of the Moon.


Lilith represents the uncontrollable feminine that won’t submit to male dominance. In Pisces, she represents collective spiritual connectedness to shift the power, politics, and psychology of sex.


The strength of Taurus is acting as a lightning rod to ground the rebellious currents of this transformative Full Moon.


Breathe deep and be mindful of the words you use to navigate the moving drama around you.


Everyone is more sensitive and aggressive in defending what’s close to their heart while Mars is in Cancer until July 1.


It’s great for exposing the real emotions that have been held in check.


But with Saturn and Pluto in supportive aspect to this Scorpio Full Moon, there’s serious intent to change what controls you.


Trust your instincts. Define within your mind what you will or will not accept. You don’t have to explain yourself if it just feels right.


Accept and use your power to make a difference.


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