Enlightened Understanding with the Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moon on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at 8:04am PST/11:04am EST/3:04pm GMT


Whatever you’ve been up to in the first two of months of this year, embrace this new lunar month as a time to be still and rewind.


In these changing times, it seems every astrological event is underscored to emphasize a certain understanding.


After the Moon entered Pisces, early Tuesday morning, within hours, Mercury stationed retrograde in the final degree of Pisces. Then Pisces’ ruler Neptune conjoined dwarf planet Vesta.


And just before the Moon and Sun catch up to conjoin Neptune and Vesta to create the Pisces New Moon, Uranus enters Taurus.


You have embarked on a month of understanding what it means to be a spiritual being navigating the human experience.


Neptune is the dreamy planet that transports you into other realms and creates confusion from the longing to find peace in this sometimes painful existence.


Life begins with water. Pisces, the Fish, is held by the mythology of Neptune, the Roman god who descended from the freshwater springs that flow to the sea.


Already this reveals some confusion as Neptune’s expression is actually more feminine than masculine.


In its essence, Neptune follows the waterways. Our first experience of being born from the watery uterine birth.


Neptune reveals the bewilderment with the life we are born into.


To find clarity with Neptune and anything in Pisces, is to seek and affirm your inner self-sufficiency with your numinous Source.


The influence of Neptune is life-enhancing when channeled its potential into the arts, fashion, religion, and politics with its idealistic glow. Poetic streams flow into beautiful forms that awaken all the senses.


Neptune can also be life-destructive when pulled into deception and addictive fantastic illusions that create painful disappointment in love.


Neptune pulls you into an emotional whirlpool to release your grip on your process and experience another perspective of being human.


With Mercury in Pisces retrograde, you’re reviewing your thoughts for the next 22 days.


You may not be sure of what you’re receiving. It may be your intuitive mind or it may be the subtle signs from your unconscious or another’s.


Words, thoughts, and daydreams have power over how you experience your world. You’re extra empathic in the month ahead. And you’re increasingly aware of your interconnectedness with others.


This is a month to let go of hectic, anxious, aggressive thoughts in and about the world and cultivate your intuitive truth.


You were born with your own unique energetic signature.


But you may have lost some or all of it through painful circumstances or by following authorities that forced you to forget yourself.


You may have believed that something or someone held the secret to your sense of wholeness and contentment in life.


As this Pisces Neptunian fog of compassionate understanding enshrouds the planet, Vesta, the dwarf-planet that also closely conjoins this Pisces New Moon, is here to keep you focused.


You’re renewing your true self in the month ahead.


Vesta brings focused intent to the extraordinary creative potential of this month. Vesta guides in holding your energy inward for liberation and enlightenment.



You are learning to strengthen your own energy, and not depend on others to lift you up.


With purified intentions, you can cultivate the inner-strength and self-discipline to integrate the conflicts in your psyche and create a simpler life.


Because Uranus is now in Taurus, you are on the path of discovering new strength to embody the truth you discovered about yourself in the 8 years Uranus was in Aries.


You’ve explored so much and now you’re aware of what’s within.


This Pisces New Moon is the medicine you need to take a break from pushing for change, and understand what already has.


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