Everything’s Possible with the New Moon in Taurus

14°Taurus New Moon on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 3:45pm PDT/6:45pm EDT/10:45pm GMT


Taurus, the Bull, finds the secure comforts of life.


With the New Moon in Taurus, you begin a lunar month of defining and generating what gives you pleasure.


Filled with quiet strength, you start with a firmer sense of who you are.


Taurus, influenced by values of Venus and is currently in the self-aware sign of Aries, which is ruled by warrior Mars in Gemini.


Taurus also rules the throat. And with Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini in creative alignment with each other, you’re combining the words and passionate feelings to define what you want to shape in the world.


Happy excitement pushes you like the power of the new seeds that are sprouting around you.


You too are growing. After a long while, you’re more centered and ready to act on your fluid impulses to design the magnificence you’re inspired to actualize.


With your whole heart, you’re ready to proceed with the mission of your life. You have so much that you want to share. And your visions will flow into materialization.


After the challenges of the past months, you’ve discovered useful insights that have informed your struggle.


There are still tests ahead, but this Taurus New Moon gives you a new foundation to nurture what’s evolved as sacred and meaningful to you.


This New Moon cycle gives structure and determined steps.

After the long phase of Pisces dream that began when Mercury entered Pisces on February 10, and intensified with the Mercury retrograde on March 5, while Uranus entered Taurus with the New Moon in Pisces on March 6.


It was very difficult to get anything physically done while you were immersed in the fog that was leading you inward to renew your unique energetic signature.


Once the Aries New Moon arrived on April 5, there was pressure to grow fast and let go of what was holding you back from your individual expression.


Finally, you’ve arrived at a peaceful place to drink the water from the storms of life.


This Taurus New Moon is in a creative sextile with the subtle awareness of Neptune, which has strengthened your intuitive knowing amid the confusion of the past months.


You can make your visions happen now.


Spend some time with this grounding Moon. Identify what you want to create. Write it down. Commit to it. Now imagine every detail of what you’re conceiving.


Luck is with you as Jupiter opposes Mars, the focal point of this Taurus New Moon configuration. Yes, everything is possible, but you still need to maintain self-control to drive your ambitions forward.


If you’re not careful, you could say too much or be arrogant about your ambitions and create resistance from others.


So channel your big vision into a clear personal plan. Make a vision board or anything you can review every day moving forward.


The creative force of the abundant universe supports you as you begin this new cycle of manifesting your wildest dreams!


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