Acting on the Truth with the Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Full Moon Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 5:58pm PDT/8:58 EDT/12:58am GMT


You’ve been prepping for this. Last week’s first quarter moon was a sobering shift after the optimism of the Aries New Moon.


If you’ve been putting some attention on the hidden elements of your life, you’re likely more at ease with this Scorpio Full Moon.


But if you’re still skimming the surface of issues, you still have a chance to feel what you’ve wanted to understand.


With the strength of the fertile Sun in Taurus on one side of the Earth and the purifying powers of the Moon in Scorpio on the other, you’re pulled to examine what you’ve created in your life so that you can now eliminate what you no longer need.


Moon in Scorpio feels the unknown before it’s in the conscious mind. Scorpio thrives on a constant transformative process by allowing emotions to reveal everything they need to know.


Your emotional truth awakens what’s been buried. What do you want with your vital pulsing heart? Everyone is vulnerable and raw as this Full Moon wobbles in a square with the Moon’s nodes in Leo. An eclipse-like effect is created that intensifies this lunar experience.


Major disasters have been associated with Moon Wobbles, as there is more pressure on the Earth. And more pressure on you to release attachments and habits that keep you from growing beyond your karmic patterns.


Let love move you.


With nurturing dwarf-planet Ceres conjoined the north, and future-focused node in Leo, the key to transforming your inner angst is how you sweetly you nurture your ever-present child within, who still yearns to create more fulfillment.


Venus, the ruler of the current Sun in Taurus that shines through this Full Moon, is now in the vibrant, intellectualizing distraction of Gemini, until May 19. Lovely, chatty Venus in Gemini is also supportively aligned with the Moon’s nodes and helps you define what matters most to you right now.


While Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is still closely conjoined its traditional ruler, Mars, in the serious sign of Capricorn and in a very potent position to motivate you in your responsible efforts to get stuff done.


The Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio, and the three planets, Mercury, Chiron, and Uranus in Aries are all pushed by Mars in Capricorn to reward you when you realistically assess what’s right there for you to act on sensibly. Even the Sun in Taurus and Venus in Gemini return to the focus on Mars. (Venus is ruled by Mercury in Aries, which is ruled by Mars)


The opposition of the Moon and Sun bring your choices to light.


What you do with what you know is up to you. If it feels like an obstacle, this is how Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, teaches. When you have a problem to resolve, you learn how to find a solution and discover what you are capable of in the process.


Truth and responsible action are your friends with this Scorpio Full Moon.


Life isn’t falling apart. You’re just getting more information to create more satisfying and rewarding experiences. Love this journey you’re on while you love everyone and everything around you.


There’s nothing to fear when you love more. So love all the facets of truth. Choose to use this opportunity to activate a higher octave of your limited time on Earth.



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