Final Details with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday, September 16 at 4:15pm PDT/7:15pm EDT/11:15pm GMT


After the dark sky of the Virgo New Moon, the Moon has waxed to the first quarter with new information.


Over the past week you may have been asking, “How can this be better?” and noticed life is evolving with new information that points to improvement.


In Sagittarius, the Moon illumines a longing for the truth of your existence. Are you buried in the details or can you see the big picture?


Maybe you seek new horizons to express your vital life force.  Mars has regained forward motion and has been back in the high-minded genius of Aquarius for the past week. Mars is about to push Uranus, now retrograde, for a third and final square this Tuesday, September 18.


You’ve adjusted to the turbulent energy that has upended normalcy.


The tension between Mars and Uranus has offered surprising twists to what’s possible in your life. Some of it you wouldn’t have chosen but maybe now you see how greater opportunities are being revealed.


Consider the changes that have occurred for you personally in the past couple of months. There’s a reason Mars is giving you an extended lesson in how to apply your power.


Without the edgy push of Mars and Uranus in the background since May of this year, you might have remained in a situation that was comfortable but didn’t offer you more. Now that life has surprised you with some amazing new possibilities, you may be more willing to move beyond your comfort zone to make them happen.


Change isn’t easy but it offers big rewards when you move with it and adjust your perspective.


With the Sun and Mercury in Virgo and moving to conjoin on September 20, notice the little details that pull you from correcting what’s not working.


On Saturday, September 22 the Sun will move into Libra and offer ways to smooth out what’s been overturned, as a new season begins.


Before that, you have a week to take inventory of your life. Virgo assists to clean out the dust and clutter in your body, mind, and heart to purify your life.


Change what’s not working and you’ll have more energy to apply to what serves you.


Your life may feel like a rollercoaster with sudden dips and turns, but with care, the ride is safe and invigorates you to take a risk in creating the projects that matter most to you.


Change is here. It’s up to you to harness the potential.



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