Flying High with the Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon on May 29 at 7:19am PDT/10:19am EDT/2:19pm GMT


The Sagittarius truth shall set you free! How do you want to respond?


As the air of Gemini carries you to experience this detail and that, the fire of Sagittarius lifts you aloft for a higher perspective above the chatter.


This cycle began with the fertile promise of the Taurus New Moon and now with the Sun in Gemini, the Sagittarius Full Moon brings a philosophical climax to your seed intentions.


You began this lunar cycle with a catalyst to create more of what you want in this abundant universe. Amid the storms of uncertainty in life, you’re expanding your possibilities within the greater scheme of things.


As the Sagittarius Full Moon brightens the night sky you’ll see more of what you’re bound to explore in the next two weeks.


Life is the ultimate adventure. The distance of the Moon brings perspective at its farthest point from the Sun. Moon in Sagittarius gives you more of the whole picture and the need to experience something new.


You’re committed to the truth that touches you now.


The Sagittarius Full Moon awakens the most archetypal manifestation of Sagittarius. Half human, half animal, half wise teacher, half child of nature, Sagittarius understands the experience of being a divine being in a time of mortal turmoil.


How do you know something is true? With the Sagittarius Moon, the truth might appear to be what’s most emotionally appealing. Remember, that’s only part of the story. Your whole perspective is inclusive and integrates discipline into the adventure.


Can you respond without rejecting or becoming a slave to what you know?


You’re finding solutions with a cosmic gift of perspective. We’re all living through a phase of strong idealism and volatile behavior while Mars and Uranus continue to demonstrate new ways to cultivate a different path.


Aside from the adventurous leanings of the exact Full Moon, there are no other close planetary connections with this Moon or Sun, indicating you are free to observe and experience life as you choose. You have an opportunity to become a master of being yourself and growing to like yourself fully.


All that’s required is that you respond.


Saturn is the final messenger of this Full Moon. The Sagittarius Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio until July 10. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio is drilling into your inner growth and bringing you into balance. As it continues to be sweetly aligned with Neptune in Pisces, you’re expanding your consciousness in order to receive your inevitable good fortune.


Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is in Capricorn, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. The “lesson” of this Sagittarius Full Moon is to face your responsibilities but also hold an open mind. Strive to use your power and resources wisely and responsibly. Thinking about it is not enough for Saturn. You need to act.


Do you feel limited? Accept what you must accept, but push to change what you perceive as limiting you. It may not be as real as you think.


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