Focus on You with the Last Quarter Moon in Aries

Last Quarter Moon in Aries on Tuesday, June 25 at 2:46am PDT/5:46am EDT/9:46am GMT


You experienced it. You’ve been pulled in ways you never imagined in the past lunar month. Finally, the storm of cosmic crazy is lifting.


How are you after all this turbulence? Even if it’s been all good for you, has it been a bit much?


Every turn of the Moon brings a message.


The past three weeks have affirmed your connection to the energy we share. It’s shown the promise of a meaningful life of peaceful, conscious growth.


And yet the work to realize what’s possible isn’t done.


You’re acclimating to what’s opening. You can stop for a moment and take stock. You can rest and drink the soothing water offered by the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer.


After so much mutable Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces energy, things have flipped, and it’s a cardinal week now.


There’s little rest as Moon in Aries leads the initiative. The Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars want to include everyone. While Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn point out the problems that need correcting to create the best results possible.


This week disperses the seeds of Gemini curiosity so that they can grow in the Cancer lunar month that begins with the total solar eclipse on July 2.


You’re releasing old habits and patterns so that new growth can take root.


Empathic confidence is rising as you let go trying to control the impermanence of life. As you manage anger about what needs to change faster, you prevent burnout.


Your flame is strong and steady.


Transformation is a journey. Step by step, you’re recognizing what’s authentic about your unique ray of existence.


Push for what supports you most on this brave bold path we walk together.


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