Gathering Energy with the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo on Thursday, November 29 at 4:19pm PST/7:19pm EST/12:19am GMT


The final quarter Moon is always an external crisis that surfaces in your continuously changing world.


With the Moon in Virgo, you’re defining the wisdom of Sagittarius from the chafing noise of the world.


What are you galloping towards but still need to refine what you’re carrying?


Moon in Virgo helps you discern your options. From solitude to service. Virgo serves with wisdom.


You may be the heroine who takes her hard-earned understanding to a broader audience.


More than half the planets in our solar system are currently in mutable signs, in this last week of the transformative Scorpio lunar month, that began November 7.


Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the “mutable” signs of the zodiac and known for their restless nature to explore all options.


With their flexibility, mutable signs can adapt to change more easily. And by being able to bend with the flow of life events, the changeable signs influence a more compassionate response to the differences with others.


Adding to your knowing, Neptune stationed direct at 13ᵒ41’ Pisces last Saturday evening. Mars, the planet that influences how you apply your life force, is also in Pisces, and moving to conjoin Neptune.


Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, there’s a wave of collective energy that’s being amplified by Pisces’ ancient ruler, Jupiter, now in Sagittarius.


Neptune knows no bounds. Dreamy Neptune awakens your dreams and visions. Higher understanding beckons through music, writing, acting, dancing, singing, and poetry, Yet you have to remember that Neptune affects your ability to see how things currently are.


The United States is currently experiencing transiting Neptune on its progressed Sun through January 2019. This has been a slow-moving transit that began during the 2016 presidential campaign. 


Like everything, and particularly during a Scorpio cycle, there’s a shadow side to Neptune that deludes and confuses. The world can see that the United States has been tied up in an emotional drama that will likely turn to disillusionment as false promises are revealed. 


For many this has been a long nightmare, for others, it’s been a compelling illusion. Sober Saturn is also aspecting the chart of the United States and will bring the cold hard facts to light.


It’s a lesson to balance your vision with the discerning detail of Virgo. Become aware of where you are and what you long for. You can create it with a strong enough vision. You could also get lost in it if you choose to ignore the reality. 


Mercury, ruler of the current Moon in Virgo, is retrograde in Sagittarius but is about to return to the deep waters of Scorpio for some unexpected assessments.


Miraculously, the truth always comes to light.


Horoscopes for 2019 are coming next week! Schedule a session and I’ll boost your energy with the healing vision and important factors to consider in your new year!