Gemini Full Moon with Horoscopes

0°Gemini Full Moon on Thanksgiving (U.S.), Thursday, November 22 at 9:39pm/12:39am EDT/4:39am GMT


The Sun moves from the depths of Scorpio early Thursday morning (1:01am PST) and opens a new month of mind-opening adventure in Sagittarius.


Ideas pull you in every direction as the Moon enters curious Gemini (8:11pm PST) and ripens all the possibilities with the pull of first degree Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon.


The youthful attitude of these two wanderers makes it tempting to go too far. Explore, but please be careful!


When the Moon moves into Gemini, late on Thanksgiving Day (US), after a day of abundant drink and food while the Moon was in Taurus, the change will be evident.


Jupiter in Sagittarius is so close to the Sun and encourages a ping pong of ideas with this storyteller influence of Gemini. 


Listen for the story that includes everyone. Boundaries disappear with Mars in Pisces being the outlet for this Full Moon tension.


There are opportunities and potential traps.


Somehow you are in new terrain. Think ahead before you go down a path. Everything is exaggerated to some extent. Your calculations could be off.


Ultimately, this Full Moon in Gemini is an emotional communication about the current Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. You’re adding to what you know.


Try to be the student, not the self-assured teacher.


Sagittarius loves to figure everything out. And this Full Moon indicates it will be a collaborative process to get the whole story.


A lot of the teamwork won’t be visible. Trust there’s even more that you may never see.


While remembering that physical laws still apply before you take off with what you know. Everything is in flux.


Since it’s Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude for your presence and readership.  

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Thank you! 


Sagittarius: If it isn’t your birthday yet, you’re feeling the glow! Your ruling Jupiter brings the glow of enthusiasm and you’re ready for this new year of adventure. Questions swirl about your home. Your roots may pull you back from galloping off to lead with your ideas. Clarity of how it all fits together will come with your renewed understanding of what your life is worth.


Capricorn: On the surface, it’s another Full Moon. Behind the luminous veil are remarkable revelations that alter your perspective of what’s possible. Curiously these internal observations are drawing greater respect from the world. Keep listening to this stream of consciousness and it will continue to reward you.


Aquarius: Electric connections open unexplored options beyond the familar. Not much surprises you, but extraordinary experiences engage your further exploration. Receive all the rewards you deserve for holding an open mind and not running from the boring or unfulfilling details of life. Life is a co-creative experience.


Pisces: Life is gliding forward in wonderful ways even though you’re not entirely comfortable with it yet. The power is yours now. With vision, trust and presence, all is coming. Your spiritual quest gave you the foundation. Now it’s time to walk with what you know.


Aries: Always a courageous and pioneering soul, you are a perpetual fire of new ideas coming into view. With the new energy, you’re working with stamina to keep you from losing control of your uniquely vibrant projects. Keep juggling and find the perfection in every present moment. You’re an example for all!


Taurus: You’ve been seeking satisfaction and maybe wondering when life will return to your terms? The treasure is in the ordinary. And right now, the mundane is extraordinary so it’ll be easier to losen up and enjoy what you value about your current life. Reaffirm your intentions and notice how the universe seems to finally be on board.


Gemini: Always the trickster, you may find it’s others that surprise you this week. Communications with others are not going to reflect the whole story, so it’s up to you to find out more. And if you want to look deeper, it’s a good time. You’re entering a phase of hard questions about your worth. Tell the story that shares your greatest vision for your life.


Cancer: The possibilities will be endless until you find a private location to allow your dreams to come alive. You need to recharge this week. Work alone so that you can feel your own needs. Maybe find a creative project that quiets your active mind. If you go out, try something new that feeds your longing for a more compassionate world. There’s work to do. Just don’t overdo it.


Leo: The Full Moon shines on all the ways your dynamic force pulls people in to revel in your contagious enthusiasm. Avoid overindulgences that could give you more than a headache. As long as you consider what’s best for all, you’ll have a delightful time enjoying the attention and shared appreciation with loved ones.


Virgo: You need your space to avoid overwhelm. With so much going on you can be pulled into the needs of others before your own. Partnerships are appealing right now, but you gotta watch how much self-sacrifice it takes. Express your needs and give others time to meet before you decide they’re not going to.


Libra: You are a glowing magnet for dynamic relating. In so many ways, you are discovering and learning to love who you are through the mirror of others. Find a creative outlet for your restless energy. Demonstrate your abundant inner artist and find the balance you seek.


Scorpio: The Moon highlights your strong instincts to leverage your resources to create greater freedom. Channel your charm and magnetic attraction to find a creative outlet for your strong opinions. Applying your access to greater energy helps you create something that transcends the personal and connects you firmly with the infinite.

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