Genius Love Abounds with the First Quarter Moon in Taurus

First Quarter Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 2:20pm PST/5:20 EST/10:20pm GMT


Early this morning the Moon moved into the patient strength of Taurus.


This Quarter Moon phase brings perspective to the rest of your week and asks how you’re working on your infinite reality since the Capricorn New Moon (January 16/17, 2018)?


Your life is shaped by decisions that affect your environment. You’re learning. And yet to get to the nugget of everything, you’ll need to keep returning to your intentions.


With Mercury still in serious-minded Capricorn (since Jan 10) and exactly conjoined Pluto with this Moon, you’re still drilling into your goals for the year.


Meanwhile, Mars bounds into Sagittarius early Friday, until March 18, and sets up new possibilities for your evolving perspective.


Ever since Mars moved into Scorpio on December 9, you’ve been challenging yourself to do what may have seemed impossible. Maybe you’ve been able to keep a cool poker face like an inscrutable Scorpion, but that will change when you mount the Sagittarius Centaur for a wilder ride.


It’s harder to define what you want when you don’t want to be tethered to anything. Feed your need for freedom and anticipate more fun and excitement during this time with friends.


The energy of spontaneous Mars in Sagittarius affirms all things are possible.


Your self-imposed restrictions are loosening with the Sun and Venus so close in inventive Aquarius.


You have the opportunity to open your infinite heart to the flow of all types of love as the Sun/Venus glow follows you to the Leo Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 31.


Both the Sun and Leo reflect your courageous heart. The current Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus, and also represents your need to give and receive the unique gifts of Venus in Aquarius.


There’s a bit of a “crisis” as the Moon in Taurus begs the question of how you can comfortably release expectations that may be limiting your love.


Moon in Taurus asks, who and what do you really value? Focus on the essence of your answer and ignore how it’s supposed to happen. This is an evolutionary year and this is your first wave of experimental living to expand your life.


You’re looking for freedom, while feeling very rebellious about how you want it to manifest. What’s the most liberating unconventional vision you have?


Hold your ideal and figure out the outrageous steps that could bring you to that outcome.


Your life is an experiment. Craft your serious plans with a dash of risk and a splash of adventure.


Something extraordinary is developing in your world!


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