Grace and Justice with the Libra First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon in Libra on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 3:54am PDT/6:54am EDT/10:54am GMT


All the beauty of life can’t cover up the ugliness of the world.


Lovely Moon in Libra argues the point with a crisis that calls you to question what’s right.


In this First Quarter Moon since the intense emotional wave of the Cancer Solar Eclipse, Libra delivers a strong jolt of perspective.


While the Moon angles the Sun, the Sun in Cancer has moved to face Saturn in Capricorn and brings any fear or limitation you want to overcome to light.


Graceful Moon in Libra doesn’t like to disrupt social harmony, but if justice has to be served, Libra accepts she may not be liked in the process.


First Quarter Moon in Libra is a week for political action. Power to the people to turn the tide. While those who have held power are being shown they are not above the laws of Saturn.


You don’t like the way things are. Many things may depress or sadden you.


This isn’t the effect of the recent Mercury retrograde. With Mercury so close to Mars in Leo, you may think there’s something you need to say or do to bring attention to your views. Double check what you want to express before you speak.


With the Sun in Cancer exactly conjoining the North Node and Saturn in Capricorn on the South Node, maybe you’ve been making life heavier than it needs to be.


You can’t manage the world. Be the change you want to see.


Focus on what you can do for you. Revise your personal routine. Maybe you can make your life more efficient and free up more time.


You value nature more than money. And your emotions more than power. New growth is more important than holding on to old resentments.


Karma is heavy in the air as reality bites. Loud arguments are going on. And Saturn reminds, you can only control your response.


July has more fun in store than this momentary discomfort.


Responsible action can lead to remarkable achievements to celebrate later on. Open to all forms of self-improvement as you move to the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on July 16.


You’re better off not expecting anything from anyone this week. Instead, use your internal resources to work on something you can shape on your own.


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