Greater Truth with the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 3:27am PST/6:27am EST/11:27am GMT


Moon in Sagittarius is certain it knows the truth. But the Sun in the supernal dreams of Pisces shows there is more to the whole story.


As the Moon turns to another angle, it opens another perspective of understanding.


In this final week of the Aquarius New Moon cycle, which may seem so long ago, you can assimilate the changes you’ve courageously acted on in the past 3 weeks.


Uranus, in its final degree of Aries, has been a major instigator of dramatic shifts that will continue to enlighten your independent power before it moves into Taurus on March 6.


You know the truth and your choice of action based on that knowing.


But there is more that you don’t fully know. It’s not necessarily about a fact-based revelation, but a higher understanding that beckons your full embrace.


If you’ve been catching my daily stories on Instagram, you’ve learned about how this is a special time for your mind. Mercury, the planet that influences your thoughts, is in Pisces, where it isn’t feeling strong.


Mercury in Pisces understands how everything is connected and how there is more than we consciously know.


But Mercury in Pisces wonders if this is all an illusory dream. How can your higher mind be put to use in an anxious world of change?


You are harnessing the greater power of your brain.


Because you have to. You may have insomnia, anxiety or depression. And as I post this, #ADHD is trending.


This Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius awakens the light of understanding. There is more life than holding the same repetitive thoughts, feelings and guarding against anything that contradicts them.


You are delimiting your mind.


2019 is the year to harness your brain. To train it to work for you, instead of it pulling you repeatedly to anxiety provoking thoughts.


This is a process. Mercury in Pisces will go retrograde on March 5, the day before my next post for the Pisces New Moon and Uranus’ final entry into Taurus for the next seven years.


Mercury will then return to the same truth-seeking intuitive alignment you experienced this past weekend (Feb 23 – 24), on March 16. And then again, on April 10, all in Pisces.


You will experience this thought-provoking, extra-sensory awakening alignment for a total of six times during 2019. Three times the norm of other years.


This is right on time, because this Last Quarter Moon and the following Pisces New Moon will involve Pisces’ ruler Neptune.


You are being linked to new realities and you have to be able to interpret them to feel connected to your life on Earth.


You have to go with the flow of Pisces to explore your significant dreams while adding dimensions to the greater truth that Moon in Sagittarius wants to pursue.


Listen to what this means for you.


How you create peace within your own mind will ultimately contribute to how you present your whole self to the world.


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