Growth Pushes with the Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon on Tuesday, May 15 at 4:47am PDT/7:47am EDT/11:47am GMT


With the strength of the Moon and Sun in Taurus, you find your feet and feel where you stand on planet Earth. Reality is changing as you listen to your soul’s call to follow the truth of your being.


Taurus season brings the beauty of Earth into full bloom. Taurus, the Bull, emphasizes the responsibility and spiritual significance of abundance in all its forms.


Kind and easy going, Taurus loves to see life grow, in the garden, at home, and with all the living beings that they care for with their wise, unwavering love.


Every New Moon is an opportunity to begin again with new intentions for growth. This Taurus New Moon offers enhanced freedom to choose what you need for physical comfort in your life.


You’re here to thrive in this beautiful world.


What do you want to embody that demonstrates your nature? If you’ve been denying your needs, your desire to break out of soul-stifling situations comes to the fore with this potent Taurus New Moon. Whatever has held you back, whether unseen psychological inhibitions or physical restraints, is guaranteed to shift in new ways.


This is not a typical Taurus New Moon. Uranus, the genius electric disruptor, will enter Taurus less than four hours after the New Moon, and then Mars will enter Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, and add to the abundance of innovative energy to manifest brilliant accomplishments.


The dynamic between Mars and Uranus will support your radical changes for the rest of the year.


If you’ve been holding back from really doing what you want, this is a time where you’ll be emboldened to follow your urges and act on what you’re inspired to do.


But it’s not only you.  This phase is a long-standing push for everyone to rebel against convention. In the United States, this intensely catalytic “square” between Mars and Uranus, will likely push President Trump to act in especially aggressive ways this week.


We all have to be mindful of containing and using this electric energy in order to find ways to put it into physical expressions that are creative, bold and strong, and also contribute to personal and collective happiness.


Your body and resources (Taurus) are becoming electrified with surprising ideas (Uranus).


As your consciousness is changing, you’re making a quantum leap forward to a place that will become newly secure. What would you like your life to look like?


This is a new beginning in a deeply felt way. Profound gratitude for what you love about your life expands your ability to open and receive more of what supports you.


Depending on your personal chart, your life changes may be dramatic. Whatever has felt unhealthy, toxic, or suffocating, is going to erupt. This is a wake-up call that you’re now ready to answer.


So what do you want? Stand strong and ask for it.


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