Helpful Details with the First Quarter Moon in Virgo

First Quarter Moon in Virgo, Monday, May 21 at 8:49pm PDT/11:49pm EDT/3:49am GMT


A week has passed since the Taurus New Moon began a powerful phase of intentional manifestation with Mars and Uranus also changing signs. The energy has shifted as the surprise of Uranus moved into the strength of Taurus and Mars ingressed into open-minded Aquarius.


These planets reflect how you are building change in your own way, within and in the world you live. And now with the Sun in Gemini, as of Sunday evening at 7:15pm (Pacific), and the Moon transitioning into Virgo Monday evening at 7:03pm (Pacific), setting up the first phase of the Taurus lunar cycle, your focus is now on the messages from the trickster qualities of Mercury, still in Taurus, which is sending impulses about creative ideas that inspire all your senses.


Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac. The Geminian mind is always in conversation, even if it’s only within their own mind. Information is vital for Geminis and the more they have the better they feel they have an understanding of what’s going on around them.


Quick-witted and interested in sharing what’s on their minds, life with Gemini is never boring. As they are the “Twins”, they are a flexible, mutable sign, able to see both sides of an issue and keep changing their perspective as new information comes in.


The challenge with Gemini is to get something done with the information they have, instead of getting distracted with the next interesting observation. In the next four weeks of Gemini season, this applies to us all.


Moon in Virgo is a helpful Moon that offers you more information on how to improve your approach to expressing your creative ideas with more common sense.


While an awkward angle between Venus, now in sentimental Cancer, and the freedom-seeking Mars in Aquarius creates tension around security.


Deep feeling Venus in Cancer brings up emotions while Chiron reminds you of the pain of what hasn’t been secure. Or maybe you’re seeing the gift of something you thought you didn’t want before. Somehow, your desires and expectations are illumined this week with new insight after some uncomfortable reflection on what you didn’t see before.


In spite of this, there is so much good to expand this week, if you look for it. Count your blessings as Virgo helps you see what’s valuable about your current position. Jupiter trines Neptune for the second time Friday, May 25, (first time was December 2, 2017) and supports your hope for solutions with an interest in the strength of the community. You may share or receive some guidance that is meaningful for your unique path.


You’re awakening to what’s true and vital for you. Strong idealism and erratic behavior that contradicts previously stated words and positions will persist for the rest of the year. This is an extraordinary time, but also a real opportunity to create more peace and love.


Plus you’ll have renewed energy to act on what moves through you as Mars in Aquarius supports the quick shifts of Gemini. Let the fresh air in and try to stay focused on what’s most important to you now.


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