Hidden Feelings and the First Quarter Moon in Cancer

First Quarter Moon in Cancer on March 24 at 8:35am PDT/11:35am EDT/3:35pm GMT


Every waxing quarter Moon reveals at least one external challenge to navigate after the energy of the New Moon.


Maybe you’ve been trying to get comfortable since the Pisces New Moon on March 17.


You thought you were on track, but some unexpected emotional waves may have you feeling uneasy this weekend.


With no transiting planets in air signs, it’s not as easy to adapt to all the activity around you.


No air and a preponderance planets of cardinal signs in the sky, including Mercury retrograde, points to an intense desire to act without a clear plan.


While the Moon is in Cancer throughout the weekend, conflicts may simmer longer by interpreting them as personal threats.


Your real threats will expose negative thoughts and a coercive push to force opinions on another throughout Mercury in Aries retrograde (through April 15).


Back off instead of pushing your point of view.


Instead, celebrate how the pieces of your puzzle are coming together. You may discover some past history that reveals previously hidden connections.


Unexpected rewards are possible.


Digging into the roots of your fears supports you in loving yourself more. True self-care will resolve every one of your concerns – with time.


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