Humming as You Grow with the First Quarter Moon in Leo

First Quarter Moon in Leo, Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 6:12pm PDT/9:12pm EDT/1:12am GMT


It’s been a week since the Taurus New Moon began germinating new seeds for personal growth.


In your push to move forward, you may have experienced some internal resistance that you’ve had to overcome, from habits and old patterns of the past.


Much like a sprout pushing through the earth with the will to see the Sun, you too are breaking through inertia for quicker growth.


The cycles of the Moon have meaning in every phase. The First Quarter Moon is the energy of rapid expansion.


After the Sun and Moon conjunction with the New Moon, the First Quarter Moon is the first square between these luminaries.


The Sun represents your conscious life force and vitality while the Moon reveals your fluid instincts and conditioning, and how you respond unconsciously.


Squares are aspects that require the integration of both elements to express the full potential.


Stable Sun in Taurus, in a close, supportive aspect with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the planets of total accountability, underscore your will to evolve and create a comfortable life.


Fun-loving Moon in Leo offers creative inspiration to brighten your life force. Confidence in yourself is necessary to achieve your Taurus New Moon ambitions.


Your foundation has strengthened with the grounded earth of Taurus, and now you can grow your dreams with the intuitive fire of Leo.


This First Quarter Moon pushes new resolve to test your plans and structures.


What has passed is past. It’s behind you, and you’re right here, filled with unlimited possibilities to act on now.


The week ahead brightens your power to shape your life.


You learn something you couldn’t see before. As more information comes to light in the week ahead, you realize you have more options than you knew.


Venus, Taurus’ ruler, and the planet that influences the Taurean values of beauty, security, and love, will continue to define your desires this week.


Venus has been in Aries since April 20, and with Mars in Gemini, there’s been a war of words about what you love about yourself and others. You’ve changed your perspective many times already.


In this week of fast-paced growth, you recognize the roots of your values.


When Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday, you begin a 28-day phase of greater harmony with your ability to create abundance in life and relationships.


What’s important to you, fuels your creativity, and keeps you humming.


Delight in the treats of life that sweeten your existence while also knowing there is work to do to make the changes you want to see.


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